Tips On How To Become A Fashion Designer

Do you love beautiful clothes? Do you like to wear something different than what you can buy in the store? Or slightly different from what everyone else is wearing? Maybe the fashion designer profession is for you. Most fashion brands release a new collection four times a year. It is presented on the catwalk. During such a show, the models have to change quickly, because they have to show a lot of clothes.

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There are many types of clothing designers. Some design clothes for children. Others design clothes for fashion brands. When a designer becomes very famous, you call such a person a top designer. Examples of Dutch top designers are Viktor & Rolf. Their clothes have even been exhibited in museums.

What does a fashion designer do?
Fashion designers let themselves by all sorts of things inspire. For example by a flower. Or through a mountain of junk, because they see colors in it that go well together, a beautiful color combination. They often take a picture or a drawing of it. When they have come up with a subject or theme for a new collection, they usually make sketches first. They think about which fabrics and colors they want to use. They make a technical drawing of the sketches on the computer. All seams, buttons, and stitching are on it. It also states how long and wide everything should be. Using the technical drawing as an example, a pattern made. There are designers who do that themselves, but sometimes others make the patterns for them. One copy is made of each cartridge, which is the test sample. And if that’s all right, the new design can be produced. Some designers really do everything themselves. They also design the fabrics they use for their collection. Or the designs on the fabrics.

What can you do now?
If you want to become a fashion designer later, you can start now by looking very carefully. For example to colors and shapes. Or to art in museums. A good idea is to collect pictures from magazines. Things that inspire you, that you like or like. You can of course also try to design something yourself. You can make sketches and try to make a pattern out of it. Perhaps one of your parents can help. If you want to learn how to sew on a machine, there are special sewing courses for children. Mathematical insight is useful if you want to make patterns. After that, you can choose to go to an art academy, where they have a specialization in Fashion Design. Such training takes four years. There are also special fashion courses, such as the Vogue Academy in Amsterdam. These courses usually last three years. If you would like to do something with clothing, but do not want to become a designer, the profession of a hairdresser might be something for you. You then draw patterns and then assemble the clothing yourself on the sewing machine. You can also choose a fashion stylist. You then give clothing advice to people who do not know what suits them well. As a stylist, you can also work for a television program or for a movie. You then ensure that the actors are nicely dressed. Or that the clothing matches the time in which the film is set.