Sport And Fashion: Sporting Society

Today, the athletic body is also staged outside of sport as a symbol of performance. This is no coincidence. For example, modern society is characterized by the idea that the social structure is not based on property and origin, but on individual achievement. This idea is still widespread in public perception today. People not only wait for prediction in sports betting but also wait for the next fashion trend in sports.

The idea that social and professional positioning is primarily based on individual performance. A performance-related distribution is the most equitable fits perfectly with the idea of ​​fair competitive sport with equal opportunities for all participants.

Athletes on the fashion stage

The analogy is a very simple one. A trained body demonstrates discipline and a willingness to perfect through practice. Top-class sport is an almost ideal example of this. Just as you can’t win a competition without training hard, in a society where power and influence no longer exist a priori, you have to work hard for power and influence. You have to work just as hard to acquire power and influence keep. In this view, performance and success in professional contexts is an extremely dynamic process coupled with hard training.

The physical staging of this readiness for toughness and absolute performance outside of sport is not only reflected in the fact that in management circles the stomach has now become a no-go. Managers train today to express their performance physically. Many business coaches claim that you can no longer take the assertiveness away from an untrained manager.

This phenomenon of sporting the staging of the body in a non-sports social area is also reflected in the development of fashion in the business world. So today it’s also important for the banker, for example, to come across as sporty. The fact that the suit expresses respectability is no longer enough in times when investments can no longer be planned so well in the long term. The suit must also symbolize dynamism and the ability to get things done quickly.

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Sporting nature of fashion

An important reason for the sporting nature of fashion is the close coupling of an athletic body and sexual attractiveness. This is in the reality of the mass media and thus also in public discourse. Today it is suggested that the trained body is the most sexually attractive.

This representation of top athletes is basically a logical consequence of the sporting of sexuality. Against the background of equating sexual attractiveness and a well-trained body, top athletes usually have the greatest credibility.