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Walking Through: On the Catwalk

For young people who want to be models, the most admiration is to participate in the runway. Especially for tall people, I think it’s a worthwhile job. it is important to be able to walk properly! Walking is the most important point when going to a fashion show. Walking is not just about walking, it is necessary to take specialized lessons such as show walking, which is specialized for runways.

Walk straight

lesson to walk straight normally, but when you take a step forward, you will be NG if you walk with your knees bent or if your face, shoulders, or hand swings to the left or right. Many people do not understand their own habits, so it is best to learn the correct walking method from a director or a former fashion show model teacher while looking in the mirror or taking a lesson specializing in show walking. is important.

Walking in rhythm

On the runway, it is required to walk according to the image of fashion and the music that is playing. In addition to taking show-walking lessons, it’s a good idea to practice walking in rhythm while listening to music when you’re walking alone. In order to get on the rhythm of music, it is necessary to take regular dance and ZUMBA exercise lessons.


A runway is a catwalk, but a catwalk is a style of walking like a cat. It also means a showcase of a long and narrow stage that protrudes into the audience seats on the runway stage, but it is a way of walking with your legs crossed slightly as if you were walking straight on a single line. It is difficult to make this look beautiful without a considerable amount of lessons, so when you usually walk on the sidewalk other than taking show walking lessons, if there is a straight line, train yourself so that it does not stick out from above.

Posing lesson

On the runway, you can pose before or during the turn to show off the charm of the clothes you are wearing. Posing is important at such times. Posing lessons are also good to do while looking in the mirror at home other than show walking.

Appeal your charm points

If you feel that your face is more beautiful facing left, appeal your face facing left, if your hands are beautiful If you master some poses that appeal to your hands, you will be able to maximize your appeal. Posing does not just pursue coolness, but matches the theme and image of the music playing at the show, and how attractive the clothes you are wearing look.

It is necessary to construct the pose while calculating such things. Beautiful poses can only be done if your body is flexible, so take various pose lessons in front of the mirror and stretch at the same time to keep your body flexible and if you’re playing games like valorant using valorant elo boosting can help you get ahead in the game.