Tips For Cleaning Winter Clothes

In winter, people like to wear warm and comfortable clothing. The fabrics are thick and the materials often require extra attention. When you carefully follow the instructions on the care labels during cleaning, you ensure that, for example, when washing a wool sweater, the original fit, color, and structure of the fabric are preserved. The washing program varies per material and the instructions on the label will help you to avoid a disappointing result. This way you keep all your trendy fashion in top condition and you never miss out when putting together a trendy look with comfortable clothing in new condition. Not sure what the washing instructions are for your favorite winter outfit? We give you some useful tips!


Cashmere is a beautiful but delicate type of wool. It is better not to put this quickly shrinking material in the washing machine, but simply wash it by hand. You do this in a clean sink with a small amount of cashmere shampoo. It is very important that you use lukewarm water. Be careful not to lift your cashmere sweater out of the water by the shoulders, as this can stretch the fabric and distort the model. After washing, you can rinse the cashmere sweater gently with lukewarm water. Never wring this fabric out, but gently press the water out of your cashmere garment with a towel and then place it on a new towel to dry. This way, all your cashmere garments will keep their shape for a long time.


The washing instructions for other woolen fabrics are about the same as for cashmere. If you wash them too hot, they will shrink and become less attractive in structure. You can take expensive woolen clothes to a professional dry cleaner for optimal results. But modern washing machines nowadays have a separate wool washing program so that you can also do a lot yourself. The use of a special detergent for wool is recommended. The best method for drying wool is the same as for cashmere clothes.


Only have suede clothing cleaned if it is actually dirty. Your clothes can be damaged during the cleaning process. Do you have nice leather pants or skirts, but would you still like to wash them yourself? If you still want to get started at home, never wash leather in the washing machine because it makes the material hard and stiff. Moreover, you do not know exactly how your clothes get out of the washing machine. You can treat the inside of your clothes with a steamer, while you can remove stains on the outside with a leather cleaner that also nourishes the material. It is best to take your leather and suede clothing to a leather specialist for cleaning. You know for sure that nothing can go wrong! Always be careful with fabrics that you don’t know exactly how to wash. If you want to treat expensive or special clothing, it is best to go to a dry cleaner. They know exactly how to treat your clothes.