How does Lemon Law affect you?

Are you going to a fashion show? Bringing your car? You should know how the lemon law affects you. In accordance with federal law, a lemon is a brand new or used vehicle that has undergone 4 or more repairs for the identical issue or more than 6 overall repairs while it is under warranty. Federal lemon laws also cover electronics both new and used under guarantee. For the consumer who ends up using a secondhand car lemon, the law seeks to compensate for the cost of the vehicle. Each state has its own alterations to the lemon law but at the core is your intention to protect and compensate the consumer.

Consumer security by Implementing lemon law

The lemon laws, both federal and state, are extensive. They detail conditions under which compensation can be supplied and the type of redress provided to the consumer. This stipulates the responsibility of the consumer and the manufacturer.

Duty of the consumer under the lemon law

After the customer has reported that the car is a lemon, the producer should take the vehicle and attempt to rectify the problem/s by fixing it. In the event that the problem recurs after the guarantee period has expired, it’s still the duty of the manufacturer to resolve the vehicle again.

Duty of the manufacturer

In the event the producer has tried to fix the vehicle for what is deemed a reasonable number of times with no success, then they are required by legislation to compensate the customer for the entire amount of the car including any alterations made to the motor vehicle. In addition the manufacturer will need to cover all the fees paid by the customer for registration and other closing costs to the vehicle. In case the consumer has also incurred transportation related expenses after first reporting the problem, the manufacturer is legally obligated to cover that also.

If nevertheless the used car that the customer has bought isn’t under warranty then consumers have little to no protection, lemon laws in Michigan may only work for all those within the specified limitations. Compensation for used cars under guarantee are clearly mentioned in these laws but are only available if the consumer reports the problem to the maker before the warranty ends, or proves that each of the problems with the vehicle occurred under the guarantee period. When these issues are reported it is subsequently the company’s duty to rectify the issue to ensure that the customer receives the correct redress.