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Outdoor Functional Jackets

With the many different types of outdoor functional jackets, you quickly lose track of which jacket is the right one for you. With freezing temperatures in the mountains, you’ll need a different jacket than trekking through the jungles of Southeast Asia. Therefore, you should not buy a jacket on good luck, but inform yourself about the different types of outdoor functional jackets and find and buy the jacket that suits you.

Softshell Jacket

Softshell jackets consist of two to three laminated membrane layers. As a rule, the exterior of the jacket is made of a durable material that transports moisture outside. Inside, softshell jackets are often fitted with a fleece to increase the wearing comfort of the jacket and warm the body. There is usually a membrane between the outer and inner layers, which allows the exchange of moisture.

Softshell jackets are very compact, robust, weatherproof and lightweight. Depending on the membrane system used, a softshell jacket can be air permeable and warm or windproof and resistant. The jacket is usually not completely waterproof. Nevertheless, the jacket is suitable for 80-90% of all outdoor activities.

Hard-shell Jacket

A hard-shell jacket is an outdoor jacket with a very robust structure that tends to rustle. The jacket also consists of two to three membrane layers, but the top layer is abrasion-resistant and durable. The hard-shell jacket is therefore completely waterproof.

Due to the waterproof outer layer, the breathability of the functional jacket is somewhat more limited. In addition, the material does not warm. For hard-shell jackets, therefore, the onion shell principle is recommended, in which a fleece jacket is worn under the hard-shell. The hard-shell jacket is therefore the perfect all-round outdoor jacket and very well suited for continuous rain.


Fleece jackets are lightweight, keep warm and dry very quickly. They are therefore optimal for the onion peel principle to be worn as a middle layer. Functional jackets made of fleece are very breathable and resistant, keep the body warm and are very comfortable to wear. Fleece has different names such as 100 or 200 fleece. These units represent the weight per square meter. A 100 fleece weighs 100g per square meter. The higher the weight, the thicker and warmer the fleece jacket.

Fleece jackets are not waterproof and therefore not suitable as an outer jacket. In combination with a hard-shell jacket, the body is kept warm and optimally protected from rainfall.

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Down jacket

Down jackets are the classic among outdoor functional jackets. As the name suggests, filled with down and therefore keep warm even in freezing temperatures. The jackets are still very light. Due to the properties of down, which can provide “heat almost without weight”, down are used in beds, sleeping bags and functional jackets. They keep very warm and are therefore very suitable as a winter jacket or for skiing. Down jackets often convince with the design and are therefore often used as fashionable winter jackets.

Down jackets are not so well suited for hiking, because you can sweat quickly with them and the insulation effect decreases sharply when wet. For rest on the summit, moderate efforts or everyday life, however, they keep very warm in cold and bad weather. In cold temperatures and continuous rain, a down jacket is recommended as a middle layer under a hard-shell jacket, so that the insulation is maintained and the body stays warm and is protected from rain.

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At Home and Comfortable: Snug in Home Clothes

Home clothes are always needed: both for those who regularly work remotely and for those who only spend their free time at home. Having separate wardrobes is a healthy habit that will make your life much easier. Previously, many people transferred into the category of home clothes that were not at all suitable for publication. As a rule, it included either the outdated or the most unloved things, which are now forced to serve a life sentence in a closet.

Working at home in pajamas is not the most useful habit. Agree, this uniform is more conducive to reclining in a cozy bed with ice cream and your favorite TV shows than to productive and serious work. But the daily ritual of dressing up from pajamas will easily bring you back to office mode and help you maintain the desired mood.

Some even specially dress up in office outfits – so as to distinguish as much as possible the areas of life – work, gaming with a new gaming keyboards, and home – which are now very closely intertwined. However, stylish and modern clothes can be found even among sports novelties. In our selection, we have collected the most stylish options for home clothing and told where you can buy them online.

Perhaps one of the most versatile options for any time of the year. Moreover, comfortable knitted suits are now at the peak of popularity, so you can find a lot of items in the stores in the current palette, and most of them are really comfortable and comfortable to wear at home every day.


Another successful alternative that bloggers and celebrities are now using with might and main is tracksuits. In online stores, you can now find ensembles that are ideal not only for sports, but also for every day. More to the point, for grueling workouts, it’s best to choose specialized clothing. Save a nice-to-the-body set of hoodies and soft joggers for use at home.

Tops, long sleeves, leggings or shorts

There is no need to be afraid that your white T-shirt and black leggings will look too minimalistic. It may seem that then bright prints and flashy colors should go into play, but in fact, laconic forms, the absence of active accessories and pleasant fabrics and palette are the first things to pay attention to.


Many people forget about her, but home shoes are perhaps the most important thing in a home look. And something that can instantly spoil the impression of a carefully selected image (and most importantly – your mood). Fortunately, many brands make impressive pairs of shoes for the home, which you really want to walk out into the world.

During the general quarantine, fashionable bloggers wore at home and sneakers – a phenomenon very familiar to the Western world, but not yet well established in our realities. An alternative is lightweight sneakers that are easy to put on and just as easy to take off – which means they are perfect for home.

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With or without a tie, fine trousers or jeans? Choosing the right clothes for work or job interviews is not that easy. On the one hand, it must be appropriate for the position, the employer and the industry, and on the other hand, one should also feel comfortable in one’s clothing.

How clothing affects others

Clothes have a big impact on how you feel and how others perceive you. It’s not for nothing that it says: clothes make people – and the first impression counts!

Image consultant Christiane Dierks underlines the effect of the right outfit to support your career: Through clothing, you can look more assertive, competent, communicative or simply bigger or more serious. Strong contrasts and dark colors often appear cool and distant, while harmoniously tuned shades appear friendlier and more communicative.

Clothing in professional life

A certain dress code in the profession depends primarily on the industry. The conservative Insurance – or Financial sector also requires equally conservative and serious clothing. In creative professions the wardrobe is also mostly more casual and individual. If there is no customer contact, the so-called upscale leisure wear such as a good jeans with a jacket or the blouse to the skirt is also common.

Regardless of the location, expect employer of applicants in a job interview neat clothing and a well-groomed appearance. With which clothes you achieve this is on a different sheet. This is where the conventions for the desired place to.


  • The garments should have a good fit – neither too tight, nor too far, or too long or too short. Because when it tweaks and slips, you’re distracted and don’t feel comfortable.
  • Don’t dress up! Sure, you should make yourself a little smarter for this occasion, but the most important thing is still that your clothes suit you and you feel comfortable in it.
  • Ask your friends how to find your outfit. An objective opinion is often very useful if you dress more casually in everyday life.
  • Your clothes should be well-groomed and clean. Spots or holes are taboo. You may also need to get the iron out.
  • You too should come to the job interview freshly showered, with washed hair, a neat hairstyle and, if available, well-groomed beard.
  • The wardrobe should also fit the advertised place. More on this below.
  • Pay attention to harmoniously tuned colors. A wild mix of colors can distract from the actual content of your conversation and possibly make you look set up.
  • A few selected accessories can give your outfit a personal touch despite the dress code.
  • Sample Wear: Put on your application outfit beforehand to get used to it.
  • Check out the company’s website. If there are employee photos, you can spit there as everyone is dressed. From this you can deduce your choice of clothes.


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The dress code varies from industry to industry. We’ll give you some tips on what to wear where.

Here you need a classic outfit

In job interviews for management positions, in the Finance and at traditional companies, leather shoes, suit, shirt and tie are mandatory for men. Choose muted and coordinated colors. This also applies to all jobs in which the company is represented to employees, customers or business partners. If you’re not wearing a tie, the shirt should definitely be buttoned up.


Women also have different options for outfits in the job interview depending on the size and industry of the company.

Here you wear a classic outfit

In job interviews for leadership positions, in the financial sector and at traditional companies, blouse with suit or blazer is mandatory. You can choose between a trouser suit or a skirt. The blouse should not have a deep neckline.

If you’re wearing a dress instead of a trouser suit, it should have a business cut. So not too short, not too tight and with restrained colors and patterns. Optimal is a firmer suit fabric.

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So much money for a pair of pants? Then it must be a good quality. It certainly lasts a few years and sits much better than the cheap no-name products. Do you feel familiar with these thoughts? Brand fashion has always had an almost magical attraction to people, because with it you don’t just buy a simple women’s jeans or a men’s sweater. Designer fashion gives us a better feeling than no-name products. But is more expensive always synonymous with better quality? And how do you recognize really high-quality products?

Brand fashion as a status symbol?

If you want to be well received in your environment, you have to wear branded clothing. This applies at least to children and young people, because for many of them it is of great importance to wear the fashion brands that are currently popular with friends. Whether these branded clothes are also of higher quality is rather a side issue. In its original function, fashion served to cover up one’s own nudity, nowadays you buy a little bit of good life with every women’s sweater and with every men’s jeans. Brand clothing in particular is associated with such a feeling of happiness, after all, it conveys trend awareness and a certain prosperity. Brand clothing is often made of better fabrics and processed in a higher quality. But: The selling price alone does not say anything about the way in which a garment is made and the quality of a garment. What counts are the inner values.


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Quality before quantity

The average person buys about 60 new items a year around women’s or men’s fashion. Of course, this is not always just expensive designer clothes. Too often, when shopping, quantity comes before quality, but it should be the other way around. Do you think that’s not the case with you? Then hand on heart: Would you rather buy five different cheap fashion items or a branded jeans for women or brand jeans for men? In itself, there is nothing wrong with investing in several chic products – provided the jeans quality is right. Because one thing you should be sure of: If you want to buy fashion cheaply and rely exclusively on cheap women’s clothing or men’s clothing, then you pay twice later. As already mentioned, these products are often poorly processed and first holes, cracks or discoloration will not be long in coming.

Fashion with a clear conscience

Let’s return to the inner values: If you want to buy brand fashion online, it is best to always inform yourself about the respective label, the manufacturing conditions and the processed fabrics. After all, a higher price is not always associated with higher-quality materials or better working conditions for employees through appropriate certifications in the fashion industry. Get smart on the internet and look for testimonials that other customers have made with the brand. This way you can make sure that you get an all-round good product that is worth its price.

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Comforts the choice with Pajamas

The choice of pajamas largely depends on the taste of the person. A wide range of bedding sets are now produced, varying in style, color, model and design. Therefore, you can find a product that meets any, the most sophisticated wishes. An intimate item like pajamas should be comfortable for everyday use and comfortable for sleeping.

Modern sleepwear can be made from both natural fabrics and artificial materials. In addition, there are mixed types of fabrics, which are the best option for sewing pajamas. They are based on natural thread, to which synthetic fibers are added. Such a composition makes it possible to increase the wear resistance of the product, while providing it with high tactile characteristics.

The quality of the material affects not only the appearance of the sleeping set, but also allows you to provide a person with the maximum level of comfort.


It is the most practical material, characterized by high breathability, and also pleasant to the touch. Fluffy terry garments and lightweight, thin knitwear for summer are all made from cotton. It is quite durable, and at the same time affordable. The disadvantage of cotton products is that they require special care.

This material does not tolerate high temperatures and synthetic detergents. Under their influence, it can lose its color and deform. To prevent the occurrence of these troubles, manufacturers have learned to add synthetic fibers (lycra, polyester, elastane) to cotton threads. As a result, new types of fabrics have appeared: interlock and velor.

Silk, satin, satin

Compared to natural silk, satin and satin are made from synthetic threads. Outwardly, they look as beautiful as silk, but they are much more economical. The listed materials are used to create the most romantic items. Various types of pajamas for girls are created from these magnificent fabrics.

Natural silk, in comparison with various types of synthetic materials, is more demanding to care for and easily wrinkled. Satin and satin practically do not wrinkle, but they accumulate static energy. To overcome it, you will have to use different types of sprays with an antistatic effect.

Fleece, microfiber

They are synthetic fabrics made on the basis of polyamide or polyester. Sleepwear made of these types of material is light and warm, washable and dries quickly. Fleece is resistant to the penetration of bacteria and fungi, and the microfiber does not wrinkle and is very durable just like getting a good mattress afterpay .

These types of material are most often used for the manufacture of winter pajamas, consisting of trousers and a jacket. Such products can also be worn as home clothes.

Viscose, modal

Very often sleepwear is made from viscose or modal. These types of materials are suitable for light summer garments. They are pleasant to the touch, have a beautiful appearance and are quite practical. Viscose is good for air permeability and moisture absorption, while it does not accumulate static electricity and is antiseptic.

Modal is also characterized by high hygienic characteristics. In addition, it does not shrink when washing, is resistant to mechanical damage and practically does not wrinkle.

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Starting your career: Becoming a model

The most correct option is to trust the professionals, choosing a model school with a positive reputation and an effective training program, proven by many years of experience in the fashion industry. How to find a model school for children so that the child receives the necessary knowledge and skills? What should you pay attention to?

Model school at the children’s modeling agency

Such schools of models are the most common. And many parents bring their children there for their development, in order to understand what the modeling business is. They are admitted to modeling schools based on casting results. Tuition is paid. The study period is from 3 to 9 months or indefinite until the age when the graduate transfers to an adult modeling agency.

The curriculum usually includes subjects such as fashion shows, acting, choreography, and photography. The child will receive the necessary knowledge, in practice he will understand what it means to be a model. The agency organizes for its students participation in screenings, filming, TV projects. For many teenagers from 11 to 14 years old, this is quite enough to become more self-confident, to understand how interesting it is to engage in modeling.

Model school at a large international agency

There are practically no such model schools for children, including adolescents 11, 12, 13 years old. Such schools usually accept girls and boys over 14 years old. There is a strict selection here, they accept those who meet international standards in order to promote abroad and conclude contracts and receive an agency commission from them.

Modeling agencies without traditional schools

Agencies that work exclusively with foreign contracts. Usually, employees of such agencies find promising models that meet a number of requirements: height, figure, hair, face, invite to a casting, sign a contract. They are looking for new faces and train them themselves for free, in order to then conclude a contract with a well-known brand and receive their agency commission. But they are not interested in models under 15.


Modeling in the fantasies of teenagers looks like a dream job, but in reality everything is not so rosy. This is a tough business where no one gives any guarantees. The child will have to go through many castings, go through rejections and, perhaps, even criticism, and it is important to be ready for this.

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If you decide to do without the help of a modeling agency and independently promote the child, then be ready to devote almost all your time and considerable money to making the child notice potential customers. Parents often have no idea how the modeling business works, so they sometimes find themselves in unpleasant and even dangerous situations in Asian countries, where they go with a teenage child, having signed a contract on unfavorable terms.

There are many unscrupulous agents in the modeling business who do not consider it necessary to worry about models, their health and use them as a consumable to make a profit. Comfortable conditions should be created for the models on the site: a separate closed area for changing clothes and control so that during filming, poses and clothes are not explicit.

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Men’s clothing for summer can do anything: sporty elegant, casually casual or absolutely hip with a certain something. So it shouldn’t be hard to impress your date at first glance with a harmonious look.

Summer outfits for men impress with breathable materials and great cuts. They can be perfectly combined with trendy accessories and look chic on the beach, in the city and for going out on a date. Which summer outfit for men is currently in demand?


If you’re into a trendy chic, you can quickly put together a great summer outfit for men for the summer with comfortable chinos or loose jeans and an airy tank top. Modern Chelsea boots also look very casual in summery outfits for men and are absolutely comfortable.

Wear discreet jewelry made of leather, metal and wood – this makes a summery and stylish impression. On the beach, surfer jewelry with shells and wood is absolutely trendy. You can try out new accessories like hats and change the look to add a new touch to your appearance. This includes, a cool pair of sunglasses in summer, which provides an eye-catcher with a black frame or contrasting colors. On a date and in everyday life, the same rule applies: stay yourself with every styling.


In the city you dress a little more discreetly and restrainedly. It is not quite as much skin shown as on holiday on the beach, but the wardrobe should still be airy and appropriate to the high temperatures. Short trousers in combination with classic shirts fit almost any occasion and are more pleasant than long models in hot temperatures.

Classic shirts with a long arm become summer-ready by simply wrapping your sleeves. If you choose trousers made of breathable, thin fabrics such as cotton or linen, they can also be long. Make sure that the summer outfits for men are not cut too body-focused. A loose fit ensures air circulation under the garments and prevents you from sweating too much.

Sporty sneakers are a perfect match. A good alternative to sandals are also barefoot shoes, which you can also wear without socks.


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Classic dark shorts look ideal for a dark shirt and can be worn as a summer outfit for men well when going out. In the cooler evening hours, you might also be able to combine boots or leather shoes with the summery outfits for men.

Sporty chucks always go and pop up understated outfits in bright colors. A summer outfit for men can play with different colors and styles. Blue denim and a black or white shirt are absolute classics. Colorful shoes perfectly match the look. Set color accents with sunglasses, a cool bag or a fashionable belt. Accessories such as watches, bracelets or chains also enhance a simple outfit with simple means. Narrow bracelets look good when combining several different patterns and materials.


Try different headgear to change the look. For hats, models made of straw are a real hit in summer. A wide brim can make the sunglasses superfluous and protects your face and ears from sunburn. Hats make the wearer look bigger and more serious automatically. Base caps and hats are handy when you’re out in rooms and just want to put them in a bag. A colorful cloth can be worn around the neck or knotted as a pirate headscarf.

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Fashion Influencer Marketing Ideas

Influencer marketing is no longer an essential strategy in the fashion industry. As of 2017, nearly 80% of fashion brands are already running influencer marketing campaigns. From well-known and well-known brands to new fashion brands, many brands are leveraging influencer marketing to grow their businesses. With influencer marketing becoming the mainstream, what fashion influencer marketing campaigns will attract the attention of your audience?

 Ideas That Fashion Brands Used as Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Utilize hashtags
Brand hashtags are indispensable for spreading word-of-mouth through influencer marketing. Instagram has a function to search for hashtags, so it is possible to raise awareness of the brand name. You should also consider adding “trend hashtags” related to the fashion industry. Use the hashtag search tool to find trending hashtags to increase the reach of your posts. The hashtag search tools help you identify popular fashion-related tags.

Promotion code
If your goal is to increase sales in fashion influencer marketing campaigns, a “promotion code” that allows you to receive discounts and services by entering the code is effective. A promotion code is a powerful CTA that guides an audience who knows a product or service through influencer content to make a purchase.

Fashion influencer marketing strategies with promo codes benefit brands, influencers and audiences alike. Promotional codes allow influencers to benefit their audience from seeing their posts and maintain engagement. You can also use the influencer’s name itself as the promotion code to help your audience remember the promotion code.

Present fashion advice
“Show without revealing something” is the modeling industry’s golden rule. Instead of publishing, begin with inspiring images and videos to show your viewers how amazing a brand new fashion product is. To make influencer marketing posts more interesting, some influencers like to provide fashion tips. Fans who value influencers would be involved in the brand if they are advised as a fashion expert rather than over-promoted.

Watch How Fashion Brands Use Influencers.

Planning an event
One way to create a buzz on social media is to organize a party or event. Invite the best fashion influencers for your brand to the event to promote both your brand and the event. By inviting multiple bloggers and influencers, your event becomes a powerful branding tool.

Conduct an interview
Sponsored content and brand hashtags are used by all brands, but influencer interviews are a strategy that hasn’t been fully utilized yet. Interview content can make your audience feel more personally connected than other sponsored content in that you can hear the influencer’s personal opinions. Prepare all your questions in advance to plan a good interview. However, it is important not to stick too much to what you have prepared and to do it in a natural atmosphere. Interviews give brands and influencers the freedom to engage in conversation. The biggest merit of the interview strategy is to be able to disclose to the audience the thoughts about the brand that the influencer has spoken in his own words.

The interview strategy should not be aimed at promotion, but should be conscious of eliciting “real influencer opinions” that are valuable to the audience.

Basic strategies such as brand hashtags and promotional codes and like ‘ buy Instagram likes cheap‘ are important influencer marketing strategies. Interview strategy can be expected to further increase brand loyalty because it conveys genuine opinions.


Trendy Fashion For Senior Clothing

Beautiful senior clothing is a matter of choice

Don’t we want to look good at any age? Preferably a little elegant and attractive. Of course, there is adapted clothing that is specially made for seniors. But that is actually only a fairly limited range. There is more clothing for young girls, pregnant women, and plus sizes than clothing for older ladies. That means that both men and women often choose from the clothes that are available for adults. That is of course no problem at all if you choose the right models. Clothing has less to do with age and figure than with personality and style. So choose clothes that suit you and keep the following tips in mind. And if you are a senior, and you want to match your outfit with a cigarette, visit ‘Cigar Review‘ for more details.

Choose the correct colors
It applies to all ages, but a little extra for the elderly. Choose colors that match your skin, eyes, and hair. Colors can bring out the best in you. But a wrong choice can draw attention to problems. That is easy to test. Hold a garment of a specific color to your face. Are wrinkles, imperfections, and, for example, dark circles under the eyes more noticeable? Does your face seem a bit paler or paler with a certain color? Then this is not a color that suits you. Good color makes you look healthier and more radiant. Your eyes will also stand out and your hair color will be brighter. Never forget to take this test before purchasing new senior clothing.

Go for quality
Firmer, good quality fabrics suit your age. Hip clothes for seniors shouldn’t be made of baggy fabric. Fabrics that are too thin will clearly show any bump or roll. Quality clothing stays beautiful longer and also holds the model well for a longer period of time. Cheap fabrics tend to wrinkle and look baggy or run down. That does not help you to get the best out of your figure. It is also better to leave elastic fabrics and shiny clothing to a younger generation.

Don’t follow all fashion trends!
Of course, following fashion trends is also part of hip clothing for seniors. After all, you do not need to wear appropriate clothing for the elderly. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to follow all fashion trends indiscriminately. When long boots or lace see-through clothes become fashionable, you really don’t have to wear them. Fashion doesn’t mean you have to look striking. Fashion means choosing the style and it will never be boring or unobtrusive. After all, it is not surprising that some retro influences keep recurring in fashion. Paid cases are simply timeless. Elegance will never disappear from fashion and will always remain trendy.

Do not wear clothing that is uncomfortable
When you were a little younger, you may have also opted for a pair of beautiful shoes that did not fit very well. In addition, there were probably also garments that did not pinch a little too much to wear for a very long time. Whoever wants to be beautiful must suffer pain used to be a popular word. But at a certain age, you have to realize that this is no longer a good idea. If you want to correct something to your figure, this is better with corrective underwear. But you shouldn’t wear that often or for a long time either. Hip clothing for older men and women can be quite comfortable. It’s all a matter of making the right choice.


Tips For Cleaning Winter Clothes

In winter, people like to wear warm and comfortable clothing. The fabrics are thick and the materials often require extra attention. When you carefully follow the instructions on the care labels during cleaning, you ensure that, for example, when washing a wool sweater, the original fit, color, and structure of the fabric are preserved. The washing program varies per material and the instructions on the label will help you to avoid a disappointing result. This way you keep all your trendy fashion in top condition and you never miss out when putting together a trendy look with comfortable clothing in new condition. Not sure what the washing instructions are for your favorite winter outfit? We give you some useful tips!

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Cashmere is a beautiful but delicate type of wool. It is better not to put this quickly shrinking material in the washing machine, but simply wash it by hand. You do this in a clean sink with a small amount of cashmere shampoo. It is very important that you use lukewarm water. Be careful not to lift your cashmere sweater out of the water by the shoulders, as this can stretch the fabric and distort the model. After washing, you can rinse the cashmere sweater gently with lukewarm water. Never wring this fabric out, but gently press the water out of your cashmere garment with a towel and then place it on a new towel to dry. This way, all your cashmere garments will keep their shape for a long time.


The washing instructions for other woolen fabrics are about the same as for cashmere. If you wash them too hot, they will shrink and become less attractive in structure. You can take expensive woolen clothes to a professional dry cleaner for optimal results. But modern washing machines nowadays have a separate wool washing program so that you can also do a lot yourself. The use of a special detergent for wool is recommended. The best method for drying wool is the same as for cashmere clothes.


Only have suede clothing cleaned if it is actually dirty. Your clothes can be damaged during the cleaning process. Do you have nice leather pants or skirts, but would you still like to wash them yourself? If you still want to get started at home, never wash leather in the washing machine because it makes the material hard and stiff. Moreover, you do not know exactly how your clothes get out of the washing machine. You can treat the inside of your clothes with a steamer, while you can remove stains on the outside with a leather cleaner that also nourishes the material. It is best to take your leather and suede clothing to a leather specialist for cleaning. You know for sure that nothing can go wrong! Always be careful with fabrics that you don’t know exactly how to wash. If you want to treat expensive or special clothing, it is best to go to a dry cleaner. They know exactly how to treat your clothes.

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Seniors: Clothing and Fashion Tips

As a senior, you probably dress differently than when you were a teenager. Unfortunately, there is the idea that clothes and shoes for seniors and the elderly are boring and lacking inspiration. In this article you can read tips about fashion and clothing for seniors and in which stores you can buy seniors clothing.

Tips for Seniors Fashion and Clothing

What do you want to radiate?
Clothing and other fashion such as shoes are extremely suitable for radiating ‘something’. With clothing you can radiate a certain atmosphere, for example class, success, romance, casual, sober, cheerfulness, and so on. By choosing certain clothes or shoes you can, for example, also have a rejuvenating appearance. So ask yourself what you want to radiate and adjust your clothes and shoes accordingly. Always wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and that match your personality. If you are going to wear clothes in which you do not feel comfortable, this will not improve your appearance.

Not for seniors
What often happens is that older people start to wear clothes that conceal their own figure, often out of uncertainty or laziness. This makes the clothing unimaginative and often too big. Which is also not recommended when you are going to wear the clothes from your youth. As nice as this was in many cases, try to follow the fashion of today somewhat. Because fashion repeatedly reuses elements of the past, certain forms of former fashion are often topical.

Where to buy clothes and fashion for seniors?
In almost all towns and cities you can find shops that specialize in fashion for seniors. The sellers often take the time for you and will be happy to advise you well. Nowadays there are also more and more websites on the internet that focus specifically on fashion and clothing for seniors. The advantage of buying over the internet is that the prices are often considerably lower here. So you can save a lot on your purchases. The disadvantage of buying online is that you cannot try on the clothes or shoes before buying them. Incidentally, it is always possible to have the clothes delivered to your home, try them on at your leisure and if desired, simply return them and get your money back. The conditions of return are usually stated with the delivery. Keep in mind that you have to pay the costs for the return shipment at some online stores. These costs usually amount to a few euros. However, a growing number of online stores do not charge shipping costs and no return costs.

Watch How Fashion Trends Get Better With Time

Buy clothes on sale
Unfortunately, clothing and shoes are usually quite pricey. It is therefore advisable to buy clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories during the sale. During the sale, these items are sold at a discount. The reason for this is that the shelves must be empty for the new collection.

The elderly need special attention, such as ‘seniorsjoy‘ and they also need happiness, such as purchasing new clothes for them. Whatever you give them, they will always appreciate it.

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This Way You Can Spend Longer With Your Clothes

Clothing is of increasingly poor quality, but this is how you can ensure that you save money and clothes.

Do not just only pay attention to the products you buy, but also give your items some extra attention after the first time.

Tips you keep your clothes beautiful for longer

Less washing, nicer clothes
It sounds contradictory, but even fashion designers wash less clothes. That is not only good against microplastics, but also very good for your clothing. But how do you ensure that it does not smell? These tips can help:

  • Your clothing often already has a big boost if you air it outside for a while.
  • Choose your clothes wisely.
  • Choose natural materials.
  • Think about your deodorants.
  • Only wash the stain.

Folding like a pro
How you store your clothes does have the same effect. Not only on your happiness but also on your clothes. Do you have an item made of stretchy fabric? Then put it on the shelves or in drawers in your closet. It is best to hang up clothes that wrinkle quickly.

The wonderful world of washing labels
Sometimes you take a look in a washing label before the show, but what exactly do those symbols mean?. It can certainly make a difference whether you stick to the care labels or not. A garment that says ‘dry clean only’ can often still be hand washed, but if it says ‘cool wash / cold wash’ it is absolutely not wise to throw the item in your cooking wash. The most important thing is to check how many degrees you can wash your items. Nowadays, the machines are also so advanced that most items can be cleaned perfectly with a cold wash.

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Hygiene and cold washing
Of course, this applies especially to clothes you wear. For example, if you wash dishcloths or tea towels, it is best to choose a wash that is at least 60 degrees. Immediately use some washing powder with bleach. This way you know that all bacteria have been removed and you prevent biofilms. To save the environment, you can also use the eco mode. It may take a little longer, but is on average 30 percent more efficient! Please note: this is often not suitable for a hot wash, because the eco setting usually washes colder.

Pay attention to quality
Are you ready for a new item of clothing? Pay close attention to the material, the fit and of course the overall quality like ‘ Read this right now ‘ in this way you can choose the right clothing for yourself. A good tip from Environmental Center is to look at the seams: are the stitching flat on the fabric or are they sticking out? When they protrude, the threads are more likely to come off.

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Responding to New Trends in Clothing

Fashion trends are changing rapidly today. One week that item is in fashion and the next week something completely different. It is actually quite difficult to keep track of all this. Do you sometimes no longer follow what the current trends are? Don’t worry because you can now respond to new trends using the tips listed.


Ask for advice
Do you enjoy working with fashion but wonder what the trends are? Then visit a nice clothing store and simply ask for advice. Employees in a clothing store understand fashion and they know how to easily respond to trends. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and let others dress you. Try new things , even if you think, for example, that a tiger print does not suit you.

Go shopping with someone
Perhaps you know a little about fashion, but you are wondering what to do with these trends. Gather your most fashionable friends and schedule a shopping session. Browse nice boutiques and shops and try surprising combinations. Your friends can give you good advice and give their honest opinion. At the moment, for example, a sweater dress is uber hip, but how do you combine this stylishly? Dare to be open to new things and don’t be afraid to stand out too much.

Think of a style icon
Is there a person you look up to and thinks her / his clothing style is completely over? Then keep this style in mind when you go shopping. It is not the intention that you copy this style completely because it is important to be unique, but you can get inspiration from it. Follow them on social media and save photos of them wearing a nice outfit. Take these photos to the store and look for something similar.

Be unique
What exactly is the definition of fashion? And why is responding to trends important? Your trendy clothes mainly have to do with yourself. What one person thinks is hip, another may find terrible. Therefore try to stay with yourself as much as possible and above all be unique. Why are you afraid of standing out? Because to disappear into a gray crowd is not the intention, is it? Especially today the street scene is filled with dozens of different styles. Wear what you feel comfortable in and you will be the trendiest version of yourself.

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View shop logs
Is the term shop log not familiar to you? Then we will gladly explain that to you! In a shop log, girls / women show nice items that they have scored. They put this on YouTube so that others can get inspiration from it. So you wonder “what are the current trends”? Then open YouTube and search for, for example, autumn / winter shop log. With such a video you can see how someone’s item looks and they give their honest opinion about, for example, the fabric. This makes it easier for you to respond to trends.

Nowadays, many people are keeping up with the fashion, particularly in clothing, many are still searching the sites and watching to get an idea of how to match their clothes. To make your video search simpler, you can use the ‘Download Youtube with Keepvid‘  to save all relevant details about fashion trends.

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Fashion Trends is Now on Social Media

Social media networks are entering an era of diversification. While there are media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that are so widespread that they can be called “communication infrastructure”, those that specialize in niche themes are being launched one after another.

Here are the summarized fashion-themed social media

Coordinated shared community
It is a mechanism to post mode alignment photos for users and add evaluations and comments to the coordination of other users. Not only real friends, but also users with similar fashion tastes, fashion styles and fashionable masters who want to be a model. The feature is that you can easily “discuss fashion”. Communication through images is the main thing, so that you may not feel the language barrier so much. It is attractive that fashionable girls from all over the world can give new inspiration to each other and also learn unexpected coordination techniques.

Fashion-only social bookmarking service
What if you come across a fashion piece that says, “I’m very interested in this!” Instead of writing a memorandum, you can use Twitter and a general bookmarks, There is also a fashion-specific social bookmarking site called ” Fashionista “ this can also help the user.

With just a few clicks in your mobile phone or computer, you can quickly bookmark not only item names and URLs, but also images, and share them with other users. You can also browse fashion items bookmarked by other users, and check items with a large number of bookmarks, such as the popularity ranking of “Hatebu”.

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An online platform for everyone to create “I really want this!”
As a similar thing, there is ” FashionStake “ which advocates ” democracy in the fashion world” . While these online platforms have great benefits for the designers in securing sales and promotion of their creation or fashion designs, users can also learn new fashions directly from designers and quickly “buy it by name” the collections they care about. There is an advantage. You may also have the pleasure of “cultivating” your favorite designers yourself.

Even in the fashion world, it’s exciting to see how social media is creating a trend in which people are personally linked with each other like the consumer and the seller.  A seller or consumer can quickly encourage a campaign or raise their brand visibility through social media, such as ‘buy Instagram likes‘ and gain public exposure for what they’re promoting. they can also gain an attention, make a lasting impression, and increase the response rates significantly.

Nowadays, You can now find fashion trends on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where it is easier to buy or sell. You can also offer a price whether you wish to buy it from the retailer or the designer itself.

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Season’s Hoodie Fashion Tips and Advice

Understanding The Word HOODIES

Hoodie comes from the English word “hood”. The hoodie was originally used together with the sweater (a hoodie without a hood) during sports. But now it is a hip piece of clothing!. Hoodies are a kind of welted cotton sweater that is very cozy. This makes the sweater nice and soft on the inside but not too warm and it also comes from many different styles and colors. A hoodie may or does not have a zipper, and if it does, the sweater may usually have a wide front ‘pouch pocket’ and a hood with cords.. In addition, printed hoodies are mostly popular. For example, you have hoodies with a clothing brand on it, but also with other striking texts or images. What you see a lot nowadays are the hoodies where the hood ends in a wrap over at the neck.


A hoodie is a very nice piece of clothing for women because its nice and simple and also has a soft look.

These are ways to wear the hoodie.

  • Casual
    A hoodie is a very nice casual garment. Wear it with nice jeans and tight sneakers. Preferably choose a skinny model to give some shape to your outfit. To spice up this outfit, put on a pair of killer heels underneath.
  • Contrast
    It is nice to combine the casual hoodie with nice trousers. This gives a super nice contrast. For a real street style outfit! This is cool and chic at the same time.
  • Mini and maxi
    A hoodie doesn’t show much of your feminine shape. Therefore, wear a mini skirt underneath for a great effect. The mini skirt is an exciting counterpart. Choose a skirt made of a contrasting fabric such as denim or even leather.
  • Sporty
    Wear your hoodie over your sports outfit and you’re ready for a boot camp in the park or put it on after your workout in the gym to keep from cooling off too quickly.



The hoodie is very popular among men. With the sweater you can put together a hip and comfortable outfit in no time.

These are ways to wear the hoodie.

  • Casual
    The hoodie is also very suitable for a casual look for men . Wear it with a nice chino and a pair of smart sneakers and your casual look is finished! Simple but effective.
  • Cool
    Combine the hoodie with a soft look with a cool leather jacket. This gives a very casual and cool look. Below, wear black pants or jeans and a pair of sturdy sturdy shoes.
  • Ton-sur-Ton
    If you repeat the same color throughout your outfit, you will quickly look stylish. Similarly with the hoodie. Choose a hoodie in a specific color such as gray, blue or black and wear the other items of clothing in the same color. For example, combine it with a statement wool coat, tightly cut pants and smart shoes.
  • Sporty
    Wear your hoodie over your sports outfit and you’re ready for a boot camp in the park or put it on after your workout in the gym to keep from cooling off too quickly.

There are many different ways to wear hoodies, particularly during the season, like ‘hoodie‘ where you can find many different styles and colors that suit you and keep up with the fashion trend that is right with your budget.

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Basic Clothes For Men

It’s difficult to put together a good outfit. That is why having a good set of fundamentals is beneficial. As a result, you’ll have a foundation from which you can endlessly vary. These essentials serve as the foundation for all of your outfits. They’re appropriate for both work and play, so you can mix and match casual and formal pieces with ease. And, of course, if you invest in quality, you will be able to use it for many years. Make sure they aren’t missing from your closet, and dress up for every occasion!

A good white shirt is essential
A beautiful white shirt is always fresh and well-kept, whether you want to dress formally or casually. You pair your shirt with a pair of nice jeans and sneakers for a relaxed look. The white shirt looks great with a thin V-neck sweater and jacket for work. It’s best to pick a shirt that complements your body type. If you have a shorter stature, go for a slim fit; if you have a larger frame, go for a regular fit.

A jacket in dark blue
The dark blue jacket is also essential for both personal and professional use. This refers to a jacket that is a little less formal than a suit jacket. Consider a copy with a unique structure or print, as well as buttons or stitching. Make sure the jacket fits well, even if a little too tight is preferable to too loose. You can go in any direction with this item. It goes well with nice trousers and a business shirt at work, and a nice T-shirt, good jeans, and a nice scarf at home.

A V-neck pullover with a sleeveless design
The V-neck sweater is also deserving of a spot in your closet. The V-neck looks great over a shirt’s collar. Choose a copy in light blue, hard blue, or cognac; these colors complement most other items. Wear your pullover over your shirt and possibly a jacket to work. You wear the V-neck sweater with just an undershirt and your favorite jeans in your spare time.

The dark-colored jeans
Are you preparing for a presentation or going on a road trip with your friends? With dark blue jeans that haven’t been washed, you’ll never miss the point. From a more formal suit jacket to a sporty hoodie, dark blue denim goes with everything. Jeans come in a variety of styles and sizes. In any case, the ideal pair of jeans complement your figure and fit comfortably.

A khaki chino
This list should not be complete without a chino. These cotton pants have practical side pockets and are made of durable cotton. It fits just as well as jeans and goes with all the other essential basics thanks to its casual fit. The chino is worn with a shirt and jacket for business purposes. You pair it with a nice tri or a T-shirt in your spare time.

A shirt made of denim
The denim shirt is another timeless classic that is appropriate for any occasion. You can, for example, wear the denim shirt under a jacket for business purposes. You wear it with khaki chino in your spare time. The benefit of the denim shirt is that it can be worn as a jacket in the spring or autumn, over a T-shirt, and possibly a nice scarf.

A unique belt
Add a colorful, striking, or quirky item to your current collection of blue and brown belts. With a unique belt, you can add just a little something extra to your ensemble. The belt does not have to be the same color as your shoes. Consider a belt in a unique color, one that is braided, or one that has a nice structure, such as a crocodile or snake print. This adds strength to your outfit and, as a result, to your overall appearance.

High-quality undershirts
Finally, you should have an undershirt in your wardrobe. The undershirt keeps the clothes you wear over it looking good for longer. White, as well as neutral colors like gray and dark blue, are always useful in terms of color. Choose an undershirt with a fine, thin collar that will sit comfortably beneath your sweater or shirt. A V-neck piece is also recommended because the undershirt is not visible when the collar is open. If you can’t decide what undershirts you are going to use, you can play ‘Spider Solitaire‘ while thinking for a while.

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Test the Clothing Style That Matches You.

Are you looking for your own clothing style? It can indeed be difficult to discover your own style in a world where there are so many different clothing styles possible. When you have a good idea of ​​your own needs in terms of clothing, it becomes much easier and more fun to buy clothes and you feel more comfortable with what you wear.


  • Casual dress style
    You have a casual clothing style and this means that you think it is important that the clothes you wear fit comfortably. In addition, your clothing does not really have to stand out to others. With a casual clothing style you can go to many stores, so shopping for new clothes is not an issue for you.
  • Sporty clothing style
    You have a sporty clothing style and this means that you are most likely a fan of well-known sports brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike. A new sweater or a pair of sneakers, that can certainly make you happy. First of all, you think they look great, but you also think it is important that your clothes fit comfortably. It is best to shop new clothing at web shops or stores where they sell sports brands.
  • Extravagant dress style
    You have an extravagant clothing style and that means that you can enjoy it when someone looks back to take a look at your outfit. When you go shopping you are looking for unique items. Shopping can sometimes be quite difficult for you because you want to find items that not everyone walks into. It is best to shop new clothing at webshops that sell items that not everyone would dare to wear.
  • Romantic dress style
    You have a romantic dress style. You love prints, dresses and skirts, which makes your clothing style very feminine. You also like to wear a lot of jewelry and other accessories.
  • Chic clothing style
    You have a chic clothing style and that means that you usually look for timeless items with good quality. You want to look well-groomed and prefer to buy items with a luxurious look. You can also enjoy wearing designer items. You prefer to shop at well-known designers such as Dior and Louis Vuitton or web shops such as Scotch & Soda.

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The clothing you need to purchase should be suitable to see if they suit you. Don’t just buy a dress because it’s gorgeous, in other words it’s perfect, but it doesn’t suit you. That’s why you need to test it like ‘‘ Here you can see items that you can actually be confident about and they’ve certainly proven tested.

Hopefully, this will give you some insight into your own type of clothes. It’s important to remember that the type of dress isn’t fixed, but that it can change over time. You’re still going to get to know your own type of clothes better.

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Prevent pests to your fashion clothes

Have you ever had a worm-eaten hole when you took out your clothes for the first time in a long time in the season of changing clothes? It would be a shock if there was a hole in the clothes you cherished. When storing clothing, pest control must be taken.

Points to prevent worm-eating clothes

What is the cause of worm-eating clothes?
The so-called “worm-eating” that punctures clothing, as the name implies, occurs when pests eat clothing. There are two types of pests that eat clothing: the beetle “Skin beetle” and the moth “Iga”.

These two types of pests grow on clothing when they are larvae. Skin beetles and iga are characterized by their frequent occurrence in April to May, which is the season for changing clothes. The reason is that materials such as wool and cashmere, which are often used in winter clothes, are animal fibers that are a favorite of pests. You’ll need to be especially careful in early spring when you keep your winter clothes in your closet. However, some summer clothes are made from materials such as wool. When storing your clothes, check the materials that are being used again.

Store your clothes well to prevent worm-eaten!
It is also possible to prevent worm-eaten by storing clothes.

There are cases where even the clothes stored in the lower part, which the pests should not have eaten, can be eaten. Try to store your clothes upright instead of stacking them. If you store them vertically, not only will you reduce the damage caused by worm-eating clothes, but you will also be able to quickly find the clothes you want to take out.

Be sure to put the insect repellent on top of your clothing.
Pyrethroids and naphthalene, which are used as insect repellents, are heavier than air. If you put it under clothing, the effect will not be felt as a whole. In addition, be sure to use the number of packs listed for insect repellent. If you do not use it in the correct usage and number, the effect will be weakened. In addition, pyrethroid-based insect repellents and camphor-based insect repellents cannot be mixed.

Irons and compression bags are also effective!
If you have pests or pest eggs left on your clothing, you can fix it by ironing the whole thing.

The heat of the iron will kill all pests and eggs, so be sure to iron when storing your clothes. You can iron clothes that cannot be washed, so use them to prevent worm-eating clothes.

The method of using a compression bag is also effective. Pests cannot invade if you put your clothes in a compression bag, bleed air, and seal it tightly. When using a compressed bag, be careful not to put it back over time.

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Let’s take proper measures to prevent worm-eaten!
Since the temperature in some countries is low and the humidity is basically dry throughout the year, it can be said that the risk of pests eating clothes is low. However, it cannot be said that worm-eaten will never occur, so be sure to take measures when storing your clothes. First of all, please do not leave food residue or sweat stains on your clothes.

Next, store your clothes vertically. At that time, the insect repellent should be placed on clothing for maximum effect. In addition, you can expect an insect repellent effect by using an iron or a compression bag. By practicing these, you will be able to protect your precious clothing from pests.

clothes should be kept clean to prevent pests from sticking. You can also consult a pest control service that uses natural pesticides such as ‘spider mites on weed‘ which can help prevent the spread of pests.