Fashion Photography: Basic Rules For Images

Fashion photography has always struggled with the reputation that it is not true art. Accordingly, it is purely commercial work whose sole purpose is to promote clothes. With good fashion photography, many different sub-disciplines of photography come together. This way, a good fashion photo is a real work of art. A fashion photo should look natural. It has to function as a portrait of the model, show off the clothes and perfectly stage the beauty of the fashion.


The basic rules for fashion photos: Planning

The most important rule is to plan your shoot. Before starting, the photographer and model should agree on the topic, consider what motifs should be photographed and where the shooting should take place.

Anyone who has considered all things in advance has a solid starting point to develop spontaneous ideas on site instead of just trying things out at random.

So that there is time for spontaneous ideas and creativity, this basic rule includes planning enough time for the shoot. Good photos will not be taken under time pressure, nor will the shooting be fun.

A plan B is also part of good planning. If the shooting is to take place outside, where is there an alternative place if it starts to rain?

Get the best quality out of the recording

Anyone who goes to the trouble of organizing a photo shoot wants to end up with the best photos. The photos must be of the best possible quality. Therefore, photographs should always be taken in both RAW and JPEG formats. Most cameras that shoot RAW can also save the photo in both file formats at the same time.

The advantage of the RAW format is that it provides a better colour palette, exposure and white balance settings. You can correct these better afterwards and there are more possibilities in post-production.

Due to the technical requirements of the file format, images in JPEG format are better suited for compression on the Internet.

With this way of working, large amounts of data are generated, so a sufficiently large memory card is mandatory.

A good fashion photo lives from the dynamism it radiates. The clothing is staged by the liveliness of the model and is, therefore, more appealing.