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How Women Buy Fashion Items Online


According to a current survey by ECC Cologne and home shopping provider HSE24, 77% of women between the ages of 25 and 40 buy fashion on their smartphones more often than they did three years ago. Women want to get inspiration from their smartphones, especially through their four walls and social media. Facebook, blogs, and Instagram are the most common sources of fashion purchases. Television also plays a role. About 44% often order fashion items on their second-screen cell phone while watching TV.

Using smartphones from sofas

In August 2016, ECC Cologne, along with HSE24, asked a total of 483 mobile fashion shoppers aged 25-40 who purchased fashion and accessories on their smartphones about their attitudes and behaviors. HSE24 is an omnichannel provider that sells home accessories, jewelry, and fashion items through TV brands HSE24, HSE24 Extra, and HSE24 Trend, in addition to online shops.

A survey shows that smartphones are becoming more important for shopping from the sofa. More than three-quarters of the people surveyed bought fashion at home. Especially when the TV is on: Approximately 54% of the surveyed respondents prefer to use their smartphones to search for fashion products while watching TV or even use iPhone jailbreak to access more applications in their phones. About 44% often ordered clothing and accessories on their smartphones while watching TV.

Social media most often triggers fashion purchases

Not only TV, but social media also has a permanent place as a source of inspiration. It is also becoming more and more important as a specific purchase incentive. Facebook, blogs, and Instagram in particular: About 77% of women use Facebook to get fashion inspiration. For about 58% of Facebook users, this was a purchase incentive.

Influencer Blogs: Fashion Buyers Value Genuine Tips

53% of fashion blog readers browse fashion blogs for current trends and the latest essentials. Every second reader receives real tips and buys recommendations there. About 43% of blog subscribers are looking for discounts and promotions. Approximately 52% of the female shoppers surveyed have already purchased what they found in their blog posts, and only 29% are critical of recommendations from fashion bloggers. According to ECC research, Instagram’s photography platform in particular has a strong influence on women’s purchasing decisions. Instagram is one of the top three buy triggers on social media channels with about 43%.

“The influence of fashion bloggers and high-reach Instagram accounts is constantly increasing. These are important contacts in the customer journey of our customers. Fashion retailers are sure to reach these channels themselves or through strategic partnerships. Must be present in. Media mixes and advertising costs need to be tailored to the target group, “says Dr. Kai Hudets, Managing Director of IFH Cologne.

Mobile Commerce as a Retail Opportunity

40% of those surveyed have at least one app from a fashion retailer on their smartphone. For example, for 75% of people who can imagine using fashion apps, discounts and personalized recommendations are the reasons to install them. There is also the possibility of augmented reality. Approximately 39% of those surveyed are likely to use virtual fittings for fashion and accessories. Real-time fashion advice via messenger is already practiced in several online shops. However, only 28% of fashion buyers find this service useful.

“Mobile commerce is a great opportunity for retailers,” said Jörg Simon, Omni-Channel Management, Planning, and Sales Officer at HSE24. “Today, social media channels still have a strong influence on purchasing decisions. Current trends such as augmented reality and messenger advice are becoming more and more important, but only when there is specific value-added. , Can attract the attention of customers. “”