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Outdoor Functional Jackets

With the many different types of outdoor functional jackets, you quickly lose track of which jacket is the right one for you. With freezing temperatures in the mountains, you’ll need a different jacket than trekking through the jungles of Southeast Asia. Therefore, you should not buy a jacket on good luck, but inform yourself about the different types of outdoor functional jackets and find and buy the jacket that suits you.

Softshell Jacket

Softshell jackets consist of two to three laminated membrane layers. As a rule, the exterior of the jacket is made of a durable material that transports moisture outside. Inside, softshell jackets are often fitted with a fleece to increase the wearing comfort of the jacket and warm the body. There is usually a membrane between the outer and inner layers, which allows the exchange of moisture.

Softshell jackets are very compact, robust, weatherproof and lightweight. Depending on the membrane system used, a softshell jacket can be air permeable and warm or windproof and resistant. The jacket is usually not completely waterproof. Nevertheless, the jacket is suitable for 80-90% of all outdoor activities.

Hard-shell Jacket

A hard-shell jacket is an outdoor jacket with a very robust structure that tends to rustle. The jacket also consists of two to three membrane layers, but the top layer is abrasion-resistant and durable. The hard-shell jacket is therefore completely waterproof.

Due to the waterproof outer layer, the breathability of the functional jacket is somewhat more limited. In addition, the material does not warm. For hard-shell jackets, therefore, the onion shell principle is recommended, in which a fleece jacket is worn under the hard-shell. The hard-shell jacket is therefore the perfect all-round outdoor jacket and very well suited for continuous rain.


Fleece jackets are lightweight, keep warm and dry very quickly. They are therefore optimal for the onion peel principle to be worn as a middle layer. Functional jackets made of fleece are very breathable and resistant, keep the body warm and are very comfortable to wear. Fleece has different names such as 100 or 200 fleece. These units represent the weight per square meter. A 100 fleece weighs 100g per square meter. The higher the weight, the thicker and warmer the fleece jacket.

Fleece jackets are not waterproof and therefore not suitable as an outer jacket. In combination with a hard-shell jacket, the body is kept warm and optimally protected from rainfall.

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Down jacket

Down jackets are the classic among outdoor functional jackets. As the name suggests, filled with down and therefore keep warm even in freezing temperatures. The jackets are still very light. Due to the properties of down, which can provide “heat almost without weight”, down are used in beds, sleeping bags and functional jackets. They keep very warm and are therefore very suitable as a winter jacket or for skiing. Down jackets often convince with the design and are therefore often used as fashionable winter jackets.

Down jackets are not so well suited for hiking, because you can sweat quickly with them and the insulation effect decreases sharply when wet. For rest on the summit, moderate efforts or everyday life, however, they keep very warm in cold and bad weather. In cold temperatures and continuous rain, a down jacket is recommended as a middle layer under a hard-shell jacket, so that the insulation is maintained and the body stays warm and is protected from rain.

Clothes, Fashion, Fashion and Hoodies, Styles and Fashion

Comforts the choice with Pajamas

The choice of pajamas largely depends on the taste of the person. A wide range of bedding sets are now produced, varying in style, color, model and design. Therefore, you can find a product that meets any, the most sophisticated wishes. An intimate item like pajamas should be comfortable for everyday use and comfortable for sleeping.

Modern sleepwear can be made from both natural fabrics and artificial materials. In addition, there are mixed types of fabrics, which are the best option for sewing pajamas. They are based on natural thread, to which synthetic fibers are added. Such a composition makes it possible to increase the wear resistance of the product, while providing it with high tactile characteristics.

The quality of the material affects not only the appearance of the sleeping set, but also allows you to provide a person with the maximum level of comfort.


It is the most practical material, characterized by high breathability, and also pleasant to the touch. Fluffy terry garments and lightweight, thin knitwear for summer are all made from cotton. It is quite durable, and at the same time affordable. The disadvantage of cotton products is that they require special care.

This material does not tolerate high temperatures and synthetic detergents. Under their influence, it can lose its color and deform. To prevent the occurrence of these troubles, manufacturers have learned to add synthetic fibers (lycra, polyester, elastane) to cotton threads. As a result, new types of fabrics have appeared: interlock and velor.

Silk, satin, satin

Compared to natural silk, satin and satin are made from synthetic threads. Outwardly, they look as beautiful as silk, but they are much more economical. The listed materials are used to create the most romantic items. Various types of pajamas for girls are created from these magnificent fabrics.

Natural silk, in comparison with various types of synthetic materials, is more demanding to care for and easily wrinkled. Satin and satin practically do not wrinkle, but they accumulate static energy. To overcome it, you will have to use different types of sprays with an antistatic effect.

Fleece, microfiber

They are synthetic fabrics made on the basis of polyamide or polyester. Sleepwear made of these types of material is light and warm, washable and dries quickly. Fleece is resistant to the penetration of bacteria and fungi, and the microfiber does not wrinkle and is very durable just like getting a good mattress afterpay .

These types of material are most often used for the manufacture of winter pajamas, consisting of trousers and a jacket. Such products can also be worn as home clothes.

Viscose, modal

Very often sleepwear is made from viscose or modal. These types of materials are suitable for light summer garments. They are pleasant to the touch, have a beautiful appearance and are quite practical. Viscose is good for air permeability and moisture absorption, while it does not accumulate static electricity and is antiseptic.

Modal is also characterized by high hygienic characteristics. In addition, it does not shrink when washing, is resistant to mechanical damage and practically does not wrinkle.

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Season’s Hoodie Fashion Tips and Advice

Understanding The Word HOODIES

Hoodie comes from the English word “hood”. The hoodie was originally used together with the sweater (a hoodie without a hood) during sports. But now it is a hip piece of clothing!. Hoodies are a kind of welted cotton sweater that is very cozy. This makes the sweater nice and soft on the inside but not too warm and it also comes from many different styles and colors. A hoodie may or does not have a zipper, and if it does, the sweater may usually have a wide front ‘pouch pocket’ and a hood with cords.. In addition, printed hoodies are mostly popular. For example, you have hoodies with a clothing brand on it, but also with other striking texts or images. What you see a lot nowadays are the hoodies where the hood ends in a wrap over at the neck.


A hoodie is a very nice piece of clothing for women because its nice and simple and also has a soft look.

These are ways to wear the hoodie.

  • Casual
    A hoodie is a very nice casual garment. Wear it with nice jeans and tight sneakers. Preferably choose a skinny model to give some shape to your outfit. To spice up this outfit, put on a pair of killer heels underneath.
  • Contrast
    It is nice to combine the casual hoodie with nice trousers. This gives a super nice contrast. For a real street style outfit! This is cool and chic at the same time.
  • Mini and maxi
    A hoodie doesn’t show much of your feminine shape. Therefore, wear a mini skirt underneath for a great effect. The mini skirt is an exciting counterpart. Choose a skirt made of a contrasting fabric such as denim or even leather.
  • Sporty
    Wear your hoodie over your sports outfit and you’re ready for a boot camp in the park or put it on after your workout in the gym to keep from cooling off too quickly.



The hoodie is very popular among men. With the sweater you can put together a hip and comfortable outfit in no time.

These are ways to wear the hoodie.

  • Casual
    The hoodie is also very suitable for a casual look for men . Wear it with a nice chino and a pair of smart sneakers and your casual look is finished! Simple but effective.
  • Cool
    Combine the hoodie with a soft look with a cool leather jacket. This gives a very casual and cool look. Below, wear black pants or jeans and a pair of sturdy sturdy shoes.
  • Ton-sur-Ton
    If you repeat the same color throughout your outfit, you will quickly look stylish. Similarly with the hoodie. Choose a hoodie in a specific color such as gray, blue or black and wear the other items of clothing in the same color. For example, combine it with a statement wool coat, tightly cut pants and smart shoes.
  • Sporty
    Wear your hoodie over your sports outfit and you’re ready for a boot camp in the park or put it on after your workout in the gym to keep from cooling off too quickly.

There are many different ways to wear hoodies, particularly during the season, like ‘hoodie‘ where you can find many different styles and colors that suit you and keep up with the fashion trend that is right with your budget.