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Fashion and Games in One

It is somewhat hard to believe that video games such as would be a vital part of the world of fashion? Believe it or not, luxury brands and designers have made it their new playground in showcasing their collections and setting up new trends for the public’s interests.

Hard to Miss

Fashion styles that are based on video games are actually a phenomenon that is almost impossible not to notice. Shown on catwalks, collections of leading fashion houses are being unveiled. In fact, there are brands that are making direct collaborations with big names in the industry to let gamers dress as their avatars from the latest trending collection. Of course, the success of these approaches shows that the trend would only keep going.

As per the global shopping platform, Lyst’s Digital Fashion, they showed on their report that the impact of new technologies played a significant role on searches performed by online users. For instance, the search inquiries for Balenciaga pieces have risen by around 41 percent on Lyst in a matter of 2 days after presenting its Fall-Winter 2021 collection through the video game called “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow”. This report is also conducted with collaboration from The Fabricant.

The Growth of Virtual Influencers

Yet another trend that should not be overlooked is the incredible success that many virtual influencers and models are reaping today. They might be avatars, though they’ve managed to pull in enormous crowds and also, accumulate millions of followers on their respective social media accounts.

It is a phenomenon that is not entirely new as with Forever 21 when it experimented with hologram models back in 2011. Oliver Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain on the other hand has shown a campaign worn by a number of virtual models like Shudu Gram, Zhi and Margo in 2018.

What to Expect from New Technology?

Fashion world is still undergoing huge transformation and people may wonder who VR or Virtual Reality, avatars or video games could be used in reducing the impact of pollution caused by gaming industry in the planet. As a matter of fact, gradually there are green technologies that are being introduced. Sooner or later, this can be used in developing sustainable materials used in fashion industry.