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How does Fashion Trend Starts?

Perhaps you want to be a step ahead of any upcoming trends in the world of fashion. But currently having a hard time because you don’t know how to spot whether a certain piece of clothing, accessory or style will influence a lot of people. In this regard, you may take into consideration the following.

Do You Feel Comfortable?

Runway Model

When it comes to fashion trends that really made a mark in the world started small. Think of skinny jeans. Five or seven years ago, they look off among Canadian women who were in loved with their boot-cuts. The very first time that you noticed someone wearing a pair of these jeans, did you ever tell yourself not to wear it? Well, that is how the majority reacted.

The first woman who has worn was in the music and fashion scene and she has chosen it because it gives her a unique look. It then took three years before this style becomes the norm. But now, it is fairly difficult to spot a woman who is not wearing one or at least, has one in her closet. Now remember, this would not even happen in the first place if you are not comfortable wearing it. Because once you feel comfortable, it will give you confidence flaunting it.


If you notice that everyone is wearing the same thing, it may be the reason that you have observed a market gap. Once a person gets bored with what he/she is wearing, that is the time when they will look for something else.

Therefore, if you are seeing a lot of florals on a certain season, then you may want to think of something graphic. Watch out for that sweet spot where on what a designer thinks.

Trends can be just anywhere

The truth is, street trends are referred to as bubble-up trends. This is due to the reason that it bubbles up out of nowhere. TV shows, film, music and even street fashion can inspire designers. Basically, anything can be used to inspire designers. Truth is, sometimes, even the simplest products in eCommerce stores such as 랭킹닷컴 can be a source of inspiration for a certain fashion trend.