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TikTok’s Impact on Fashion Industry

With over seven billion views on the hashtag #FashionTikTok, this vast community is only growing. If you didn’t think TikTok was prominent in the fashion world previously, this enormous alliance proves it. Fashion trends dominate TikTok’s fashion content. These could include anything from a clothing haul to styling inspiration and would appear on a user’s …


IQ Of A Fashion Designer

A fashion designer must be intelligent. A fashion designer is a stylist and designer who specializes in apparel. Fashion designers are particularly well-suited to people with a creative streak, intelligence, a large imagination, and an aptitude for drawing. A fashion designer’s job entails designing, sketching, and producing clothes. As a fashion designer, you are generally …


Affair Between Fashion And Art

Who is not familiar with the colorful Mondrian dresses designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965? Or the mini-dresses with hypnotic optical prints, inspired by op art from the sixties? They illustrate the close relationship that fashion and art have maintained for centuries. Couturiers know better than anyone how to capture the zeitgeist and translate …


Advice For Starting Models

Limit your portfolio Limit the photos in your portfolio to only the real top photos. When you have hundreds of photos in your portfolio, hardly anyone will really take the time to go through your portfolio completely. In addition, there is a good chance that there are a number of less beautiful photos. Provide a …

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Basic Clothes For Men

It’s difficult to put together a good outfit. That is why having a good set of fundamentals is beneficial. As a result, you’ll have a foundation from which you can endlessly vary. These essentials serve as the foundation for all of your outfits. They’re appropriate for both work and play, so you can mix and …


What Does It Take To Be A Fashion Designer?

Fashion designer As a fashion designer, you design new clothes, shoes, or accessories. Sometimes you also change or improve existing designs. Another important task of the fashion designer is to put together clothing collections for fashion houses, clothing companies, or specific clothing brands. Sometimes fashion designers also develop secondary activities within the fashion world, such …