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Frame the Perfect Shot: Fashion & Photography

The first known attempts to take photographs date back to 1802, but the official year of the invention of photography is 1839. Every year, technology has become more and more perfect, and devices are more mobile. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this type of art came to the attention of commercial companies that used images to advertise services and goods. Already in the 1920s, graphics in the printing industry lost their former popularity, giving way to photography.

History of fashion photography

In 1935, with the invention of enough portable cameras, fashion photography took another leap forward. Photographers flocked to the streets, experimented with complex camera angles and allowed models to move in the frame. During the Second World War, fashion photographers had to return to the studio walls, because for obvious reasons, working on the street was life-threatening. In addition, beautiful cities were destroyed, and the ruins of former luxury acted as decorations.

boom in fashion photography

In the 50s and 70s, the fashion industry in Europe was actively developing, people sought to express their individuality through outfits, cinema was gaining more and more popularity. All this contributed to the flourishing of fashion photography. Having abandoned traditional canons, photographers were able to experiment without observing the stylistic unity of the model, scenery and outfits. They turned their eyes to sports photo reports full of movement and life, making documentary shots.

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Fashion photography

Gradually, fashion moved on to a different plane, becoming a special worldview and lifestyle. This evolution has influenced the work of fashion photographers who have opened up new horizons. Returning to the studio walls, they experimented with light, color, compositions, plans, model poses, conveying special ideas and atmosphere.

Trends in fashion photography from the 70s and 90s are quite obvious, the pictures are full of surrealism, avant-garde, complex ideas, associations, inconsistencies of plans and textures. At the same time, the advertising business is flourishing and actively exploiting female beauty.

trends in fashion photography

The digital revolution and the popularization of social media in the 2000s. put fashion photography in a new direction. Glossy magazines have lost 16% of their advertising pages, and blogs, Facebook and Instagram have become an integral part of life. Modern fashion photographers create visual content that appeal to readers and subscribers, as well as drive sales and brand awareness.

fashion photography trends 2018-2019

Fashion photography trends are shaped by society, the fashion industry and technology. In 2018-2019, photographers should rely on the Pantone color palette, preferring models with pink, peach and golden skin tones. They are required to masterfully master mixed light, ideal brightness and minimum ISO are no longer a priority. Multimedia continues to dominate, demanding new skills from photographers as the future lies in mixing photo and video techniques.

Fashion photography these days

Another bright trend in fashion photography 2018-2019. – the pursuit of authenticity. People are tired of perfect models, they want to associate themselves with the images in the pictures and feel the emotions shown by someone who is similar to themselves.

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Responding to New Trends in Clothing

Fashion trends are changing rapidly today. One week that item is in fashion and the next week something completely different. It is actually quite difficult to keep track of all this. Do you sometimes no longer follow what the current trends are? Don’t worry because you can now respond to new trends using the tips listed.


Ask for advice
Do you enjoy working with fashion but wonder what the trends are? Then visit a nice clothing store and simply ask for advice. Employees in a clothing store understand fashion and they know how to easily respond to trends. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and let others dress you. Try new things , even if you think, for example, that a tiger print does not suit you.

Go shopping with someone
Perhaps you know a little about fashion, but you are wondering what to do with these trends. Gather your most fashionable friends and schedule a shopping session. Browse nice boutiques and shops and try surprising combinations. Your friends can give you good advice and give their honest opinion. At the moment, for example, a sweater dress is uber hip, but how do you combine this stylishly? Dare to be open to new things and don’t be afraid to stand out too much.

Think of a style icon
Is there a person you look up to and thinks her / his clothing style is completely over? Then keep this style in mind when you go shopping. It is not the intention that you copy this style completely because it is important to be unique, but you can get inspiration from it. Follow them on social media and save photos of them wearing a nice outfit. Take these photos to the store and look for something similar.

Be unique
What exactly is the definition of fashion? And why is responding to trends important? Your trendy clothes mainly have to do with yourself. What one person thinks is hip, another may find terrible. Therefore try to stay with yourself as much as possible and above all be unique. Why are you afraid of standing out? Because to disappear into a gray crowd is not the intention, is it? Especially today the street scene is filled with dozens of different styles. Wear what you feel comfortable in and you will be the trendiest version of yourself.

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View shop logs
Is the term shop log not familiar to you? Then we will gladly explain that to you! In a shop log, girls / women show nice items that they have scored. They put this on YouTube so that others can get inspiration from it. So you wonder “what are the current trends”? Then open YouTube and search for, for example, autumn / winter shop log. With such a video you can see how someone’s item looks and they give their honest opinion about, for example, the fabric. This makes it easier for you to respond to trends.

Nowadays, many people are keeping up with the fashion, particularly in clothing, many are still searching the sites and watching to get an idea of how to match their clothes. To make your video search simpler, you can use the ‘Download Youtube with Keepvid‘  to save all relevant details about fashion trends.

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Fashion Trends is Now on Social Media

Social media networks are entering an era of diversification. While there are media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that are so widespread that they can be called “communication infrastructure”, those that specialize in niche themes are being launched one after another.

Here are the summarized fashion-themed social media

Coordinated shared community
It is a mechanism to post mode alignment photos for users and add evaluations and comments to the coordination of other users. Not only real friends, but also users with similar fashion tastes, fashion styles and fashionable masters who want to be a model. The feature is that you can easily “discuss fashion”. Communication through images is the main thing, so that you may not feel the language barrier so much. It is attractive that fashionable girls from all over the world can give new inspiration to each other and also learn unexpected coordination techniques.

Fashion-only social bookmarking service
What if you come across a fashion piece that says, “I’m very interested in this!” Instead of writing a memorandum, you can use Twitter and a general bookmarks, There is also a fashion-specific social bookmarking site called ” Fashionista “ this can also help the user.

With just a few clicks in your mobile phone or computer, you can quickly bookmark not only item names and URLs, but also images, and share them with other users. You can also browse fashion items bookmarked by other users, and check items with a large number of bookmarks, such as the popularity ranking of “Hatebu”.

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An online platform for everyone to create “I really want this!”
As a similar thing, there is ” FashionStake “ which advocates ” democracy in the fashion world” . While these online platforms have great benefits for the designers in securing sales and promotion of their creation or fashion designs, users can also learn new fashions directly from designers and quickly “buy it by name” the collections they care about. There is an advantage. You may also have the pleasure of “cultivating” your favorite designers yourself.

Even in the fashion world, it’s exciting to see how social media is creating a trend in which people are personally linked with each other like the consumer and the seller.  A seller or consumer can quickly encourage a campaign or raise their brand visibility through social media, such as ‘buy Instagram likes‘ and gain public exposure for what they’re promoting. they can also gain an attention, make a lasting impression, and increase the response rates significantly.

Nowadays, You can now find fashion trends on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where it is easier to buy or sell. You can also offer a price whether you wish to buy it from the retailer or the designer itself.