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Cars and Fashion Together in Decades

Cars and Fashion – Two Unusual Partners For Many Decades

In the course of the brand development and guided tour module, the MOM 1012 class visited the BMW Museum and the temporary MINI exhibition in Munich to discuss what connects the fashion and automotive industries. It turned out that these are two partners who have been influencing each other for a long time. The car manufacturers would like to appear fashionable and are synonymous with fashion weeks, while trendsetters have made the mini a cult object since the 1960s and designers show which shoes one should wear when driving.

In June 2015, the MOM 1012 class dealt with a somewhat unusual topic in the brand development and leadership module: Cars and fashion. In search of the current relationship between cars and fashion, the class went to the BMW Museum in Munich to take a closer look at the brands. BMW is also trying its hand at the fashion world and sponsoring the Indian Bridal Fashion Week, for example. It is important for the marketing strategists that cars are right there and are accepted by the fashion scene. The car market in the U.S. and Europe is almost completely saturated, while they are constantly growing in the emerging countries like China or India. The adjectives cool, fashionable, avant-garde, glamorous are mainly encountered in large cities where fashion designers, celebrities, and influencers live.

BMW used the 7 Series to transport VIP guests in 2014 for the fashion exhibition “The Glamor of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 ″ in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Since BMW took over the MINI brand, there have been numerous models that have been revised by well-known personalities from the fashion world. Further examples of fashionable automobiles are the Chanel Fiole Concept Car, the Fiat 500 revised by Gucci and the creation by Zalando in the form of a shopping assistant.

Fashion and Cars – Do They Go Together?

At first glance, fashion and cars don’t seem to have much in common. But many car manufacturers are now relying on cooperation with the fashion industry. Or get inspiration from fashion designers when it comes to design.

Fashion and cars – do they go together? One could also ask the question, woman and man, does that go together? After all, at first glance one would attribute the fashion theme to women and the car to men. But it is not that simple. There are now many influences of the fashion industry on the automotive world and vice versa.

Mercedes big sponsor of the Fashion Week
Did you know, for example, that Mercedes Benz is a major sponsor of fashion shows around the world, Or that there was a special model of the CLK designed by fashion designer Giorgio Armani? Of course, there are other models where the fashion world has had an impact on car design. For example, the Lancia Ypsilon Elle, which appeared in June 2010 and not only bears the name of the well-known fashion magazine.

Fashionable accessories to match your own car
Not to be forgotten, of course, are the many fashion accessories to matche your car. For example, a nail polish in Volvo body color or trendy Mini rubber boots. For those who like it a bit more dignified, Porsche Design has designed a collection for Adidas.