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This Way You Can Spend Longer With Your Clothes

Clothing is of increasingly poor quality, but this is how you can ensure that you save money and clothes.

Do not just only pay attention to the products you buy, but also give your items some extra attention after the first time.

Tips you keep your clothes beautiful for longer

Less washing, nicer clothes
It sounds contradictory, but even fashion designers wash less clothes. That is not only good against microplastics, but also very good for your clothing. But how do you ensure that it does not smell? These tips can help:

  • Your clothing often already has a big boost if you air it outside for a while.
  • Choose your clothes wisely.
  • Choose natural materials.
  • Think about your deodorants.
  • Only wash the stain.

Folding like a pro
How you store your clothes does have the same effect. Not only on your happiness but also on your clothes. Do you have an item made of stretchy fabric? Then put it on the shelves or in drawers in your closet. It is best to hang up clothes that wrinkle quickly.

The wonderful world of washing labels
Sometimes you take a look in a washing label before the show, but what exactly do those symbols mean?. It can certainly make a difference whether you stick to the care labels or not. A garment that says ‘dry clean only’ can often still be hand washed, but if it says ‘cool wash / cold wash’ it is absolutely not wise to throw the item in your cooking wash. The most important thing is to check how many degrees you can wash your items. Nowadays, the machines are also so advanced that most items can be cleaned perfectly with a cold wash.

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Hygiene and cold washing
Of course, this applies especially to clothes you wear. For example, if you wash dishcloths or tea towels, it is best to choose a wash that is at least 60 degrees. Immediately use some washing powder with bleach. This way you know that all bacteria have been removed and you prevent biofilms. To save the environment, you can also use the eco mode. It may take a little longer, but is on average 30 percent more efficient! Please note: this is often not suitable for a hot wash, because the eco setting usually washes colder.

Pay attention to quality
Are you ready for a new item of clothing? Pay close attention to the material, the fit and of course the overall quality. In this way you can choose the right clothing for yourself. A good tip from Environmental Center is to look at the seams: are the stitching flat on the fabric or are they sticking out? When they protrude, the threads are more likely to come off.