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Frame the Perfect Shot: Fashion & Photography

The first known attempts to take photographs date back to 1802, but the official year of the invention of photography is 1839. Every year, technology has become more and more perfect, and devices are more mobile. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this type of art came to the attention of commercial companies that used images to advertise services and goods. Already in the 1920s, graphics in the printing industry lost their former popularity, giving way to photography.

History of fashion photography

In 1935, with the invention of enough portable cameras, fashion photography took another leap forward. Photographers flocked to the streets, experimented with complex camera angles and allowed models to move in the frame. During the Second World War, fashion photographers had to return to the studio walls, because for obvious reasons, working on the street was life-threatening. In addition, beautiful cities were destroyed, and the ruins of former luxury acted as decorations.

boom in fashion photography

In the 50s and 70s, the fashion industry in Europe was actively developing, people sought to express their individuality through outfits, cinema was gaining more and more popularity. All this contributed to the flourishing of fashion photography. Having abandoned traditional canons, photographers were able to experiment without observing the stylistic unity of the model, scenery and outfits. They turned their eyes to sports photo reports full of movement and life, making documentary shots.

Fashion photography

Gradually, fashion moved on to a different plane, becoming a special worldview and lifestyle. This evolution has influenced the work of fashion photographers who have opened up new horizons. Returning to the studio walls, they experimented with light, color, compositions, plans, model poses, conveying special ideas and atmosphere.

Trends in fashion photography from the 70s and 90s are quite obvious, the pictures are full of surrealism, avant-garde, complex ideas, associations, inconsistencies of plans and textures. At the same time, the advertising business is flourishing and actively exploiting female beauty.

trends in fashion photography

The digital revolution and the popularization of social media in the 2000s. put fashion photography in a new direction. Glossy magazines have lost 16% of their advertising pages, and blogs, Facebook and Instagram have become an integral part of life. Modern fashion photographers create visual content that appeal to readers and subscribers, as well as drive sales and brand awareness.

fashion photography trends 2018-2019

Fashion photography trends are shaped by society, the fashion industry and technology. In 2018-2019, photographers should rely on the Pantone color palette, preferring models with pink, peach and golden skin tones. They are required to masterfully master mixed light, ideal brightness and minimum ISO are no longer a priority. Multimedia continues to dominate, demanding new skills from photographers as the future lies in mixing photo and video techniques.

Fashion photography these days

Another bright trend in fashion photography 2018-2019. – the pursuit of authenticity. People are tired of perfect models, they want to associate themselves with the images in the pictures and feel the emotions shown by someone who is similar to themselves.