Advice For Starting Models

Limit your portfolio
Limit the photos in your portfolio to only the real top photos. When you have hundreds of photos in your portfolio, hardly anyone will really take the time to go through your portfolio completely. In addition, there is a good chance that there are a number of less beautiful photos. Provide a lot of variety with different clothes, poses, and facial expressions. If necessary, have a good photographer take a critical look at your portfolio. Usually, a photographer pays attention to other things.

Know your field
As a model, you should of course know what is going on in the fashion world. Try to keep up with the latest trends, popular designers, and photographers. When you have an appointment with a photographer you can view his site in advance so that you are familiar with his style of work. During the session, you can also indicate which photos of the photographer you like and which you don’t.

Have your own site
Have your own website. Very handy for people who are interested in you. On your site, you can put a portfolio, tell something about yourself, post your resume, and of course your contact details so that you are available. You can add also your social media account such as ‘TikTok followers‘ and let them see your videos or photos about modeling.

Be friendly
Always be friendly, and especially not arrogant. Actually, of course. Also, pay attention to email contact, use a salutation, and closing in your email contacts. This is often the first contact and of course, you want to leave a good impression right away. Thank you for your interest in you as a model, even when all you have to do is tell the photographer that you don’t need a photoshoot with him or her.

What is your level
Look realistically at the level of yourself as a model. As a starting model, you have to build a portfolio. For this, you can make good use of so-called TFP (Time For Print) sessions. This means that the model makes time available (so can be photographed) in exchange for photos (or a CD). Do not ask for money too quickly for travel expenses, for example. A photographer has often invested thousands of euros in his equipment and also invests his time for your photos. The TFP is useful for the photographer to practice and develop fun ideas.

Work with a contract
Make sure it is clear in advance that you only work when there is a contract. This may not seem important at first, but it can prevent many problems afterward. Ask if they can send you the contract by email so that you can read it through (possibly also by your parents, for example).

Practice Poses and Expressions
Look at the poses in photos you like and try to imitate them. Also practice expressions and emotions such as falling in love, being angry, surprised, shocked. A good model can easily portray different emotions.

The right clothing
Provide special clothing. A top and jeans can be fun, but exotic clothing makes a photo much more interesting to look at. Think of designer clothes and the like. Consider the possibility of borrowing or renting clothes for a shoot.

Modeling agencies
If you want to be able to break into the world, you must of course register with models and/or casting agencies. Sometimes money is asked for this. We would advise against doing this unless it is a reputable modeling agency. You can discover which agencies can be trusted on forums where models meet.

Switch your poses
Assume a different pose after each photo during a shoot unless the photographer tells you otherwise. A minimal change per photo is sufficient. Turn your head a few degrees or look away from the photographer or back to the photographer. This way the photographer can choose the best afterward. Constantly the same look and pose also consistently produces the same photos.