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Responding to New Trends in Clothing

Fashion trends are changing rapidly today. One week that item is in fashion and the next week something completely different. It is actually quite difficult to keep track of all this. Do you sometimes no longer follow what the current trends are? Don’t worry because you can now respond to new trends using the tips listed.


Ask for advice
Do you enjoy working with fashion but wonder what the trends are? Then visit a nice clothing store and simply ask for advice. Employees in a clothing store understand fashion and they know how to easily respond to trends. Dare to step out of your comfort zone and let others dress you. Try new things , even if you think, for example, that a tiger print does not suit you.

Go shopping with someone
Perhaps you know a little about fashion, but you are wondering what to do with these trends. Gather your most fashionable friends and schedule a shopping session. Browse nice boutiques and shops and try surprising combinations. Your friends can give you good advice and give their honest opinion. At the moment, for example, a sweater dress is uber hip, but how do you combine this stylishly? Dare to be open to new things and don’t be afraid to stand out too much.

Think of a style icon
Is there a person you look up to and thinks her / his clothing style is completely over? Then keep this style in mind when you go shopping. It is not the intention that you copy this style completely because it is important to be unique, but you can get inspiration from it. Follow them on social media and save photos of them wearing a nice outfit. Take these photos to the store and look for something similar.

Be unique
What exactly is the definition of fashion? And why is responding to trends important? Your trendy clothes mainly have to do with yourself. What one person thinks is hip, another may find terrible. Therefore try to stay with yourself as much as possible and above all be unique. Why are you afraid of standing out? Because to disappear into a gray crowd is not the intention, is it? Especially today the street scene is filled with dozens of different styles. Wear what you feel comfortable in and you will be the trendiest version of yourself.

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View shop logs
Is the term shop log not familiar to you? Then we will gladly explain that to you! In a shop log, girls / women show nice items that they have scored. They put this on YouTube so that others can get inspiration from it. So you wonder “what are the current trends”? Then open YouTube and search for, for example, autumn / winter shop log. With such a video you can see how someone’s item looks and they give their honest opinion about, for example, the fabric. This makes it easier for you to respond to trends.

Nowadays, many people are keeping up with the fashion, particularly in clothing, many are still searching the sites and watching to get an idea of how to match their clothes. To make your video search simpler, you can use the Keepvid  to save all relevant details about fashion trends.