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So much money for a pair of pants? Then it must be a good quality. It certainly lasts a few years and sits much better than the cheap no-name products. Do you feel familiar with these thoughts? Brand fashion has always had an almost magical attraction to people, because with it you don’t just buy a simple women’s jeans or a men’s sweater. Designer fashion gives us a better feeling than no-name products. But is more expensive always synonymous with better quality? And how do you recognize really high-quality products?

Brand fashion as a status symbol?

If you want to be well received in your environment, you have to wear branded clothing. This applies at least to children and young people, because for many of them it is of great importance to wear the fashion brands that are currently popular with friends. Whether these branded clothes are also of higher quality is rather a side issue. In its original function, fashion served to cover up one’s own nudity, nowadays you buy a little bit of good life with every women’s sweater and with every men’s jeans. Brand clothing in particular is associated with such a feeling of happiness, after all, it conveys trend awareness and a certain prosperity. Brand clothing is often made of better fabrics and processed in a higher quality. But: The selling price alone does not say anything about the way in which a garment is made and the quality of a garment. What counts are the inner values.

Quality before quantity

The average person buys about 60 new items a year around women’s or men’s fashion. Of course, this is not always just expensive designer clothes. Too often, when shopping, quantity comes before quality, but it should be the other way around. Do you think that’s not the case with you? Then hand on heart: Would you rather buy five different cheap fashion items or a branded jeans for women or brand jeans for men? In itself, there is nothing wrong with investing in several chic products – provided the jeans quality is right. Because one thing you should be sure of: If you want to buy fashion cheaply and rely exclusively on cheap women’s clothing or men’s clothing, then you pay twice later. As already mentioned, these products are often poorly processed and first holes, cracks or discoloration will not be long in coming.

Fashion with a clear conscience

Let’s return to the inner values: If you want to buy brand fashion online, it is best to always inform yourself about the respective label, the manufacturing conditions and the processed fabrics. After all, a higher price is not always associated with higher-quality materials or better working conditions for employees through appropriate certifications in the fashion industry. Get smart on the internet and look for testimonials that other customers have made with the brand. This way you can make sure that you get an all-round good product that is worth its price.