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Men’s clothing for summer can do anything: sporty elegant, casually casual or absolutely hip with a certain something. So it shouldn’t be hard to impress your date at first glance with a harmonious look.

Summer outfits for men impress with breathable materials and great cuts. They can be perfectly combined with trendy accessories and look chic on the beach, in the city and for going out on a date. Which summer outfit for men is currently in demand?


If you’re into a trendy chic, you can quickly put together a great summer outfit for men for the summer with comfortable chinos or loose jeans and an airy tank top. Modern Chelsea boots also look very casual in summery outfits for men and are absolutely comfortable.

Wear discreet jewelry made of leather, metal and wood – this makes a summery and stylish impression. On the beach, surfer jewelry with shells and wood is absolutely trendy. You can try out new accessories like hats and change the look to add a new touch to your appearance. This includes, a cool pair of sunglasses in summer, which provides an eye-catcher with a black frame or contrasting colors. On a date and in everyday life, the same rule applies: stay yourself with every styling.


In the city you dress a little more discreetly and restrainedly. It is not quite as much skin shown as on holiday on the beach, but the wardrobe should still be airy and appropriate to the high temperatures. Short trousers in combination with classic shirts fit almost any occasion and are more pleasant than long models in hot temperatures.

Classic shirts with a long arm become summer-ready by simply wrapping your sleeves. If you choose trousers made of breathable, thin fabrics such as cotton or linen, they can also be long. Make sure that the summer outfits for men are not cut too body-focused. A loose fit ensures air circulation under the garments and prevents you from sweating too much.

Sporty sneakers are a perfect match. A good alternative to sandals are also barefoot shoes, which you can also wear without socks.


Classic dark shorts look ideal for a dark shirt and can be worn as a summer outfit for men well when going out. In the cooler evening hours, you might also be able to combine boots or leather shoes with the summery outfits for men.

Sporty chucks always go and pop up understated outfits in bright colors. A summer outfit for men can play with different colors and styles. Blue denim and a black or white shirt are absolute classics. Colorful shoes perfectly match the look. Set color accents with sunglasses, a cool bag or a fashionable belt. Accessories such as watches, bracelets or chains also enhance a simple outfit with simple means. Narrow bracelets look good when combining several different patterns and materials.


Try different headgear to change the look. For hats, models made of straw are a real hit in summer. A wide brim can make the sunglasses superfluous and protects your face and ears from sunburn. Hats make the wearer look bigger and more serious automatically. Base caps and hats are handy when you’re out in rooms and just want to put them in a bag. A colorful cloth can be worn around the neck or knotted as a pirate headscarf.