What Does It Take To Be A Fashion Designer?

Fashion designer

As a fashion designer, you design new clothes, shoes, or accessories. Sometimes you also change or improve existing designs. Another important task of the fashion designer is to put together clothing collections for fashion houses, clothing companies, or specific clothing brands. Sometimes fashion designers also develop secondary activities within the fashion world, such as styling models and celebrities at events, trend watchers, or fashion journalists.

How to Become a Fashion Designer
If you want to become a fashion designer, you have to master the technical aspects of the profession, in addition to great interest and love for fashion. For this, it is best to follow an MBO or HBO education in the direction of Fashion Design. At the higher vocational education level, you will not only focus on design but also on the management side of the fashion world. In addition, there are various courses where you can learn how to design clothes. Practical experience is also a must to really master the techniques of design and to develop your own style.

As a fashion designer, you often work in the design department of a clothing company or in a fashion studio. If you are self-employed, you design clothes in your own studio. In this case, you work on behalf of clothing factories. You spend most of your day behind a drawing board. You regularly visit other departments for consultation (if you work at a company) and you may also occasionally have to travel to customers in the textile and clothing industry. You will also visit fairs and fashion shows at home and abroad. If you have your own business, your working hours often vary. This then depends on the number of assignments you have at that moment. Apart from the fact that you do not have very much contact with colleagues, the profession of a fashion designer is quite varied.

What are you doing?
A fashion designer invents and designs clothing. Especially in the beginning, you make your own clothes. During your training, you will learn to draw and further develop your designs. In addition, you learn which designs are and are not feasible. A fashion designer can be broadly oriented, but it is also possible to design only one type of clothing. Evening wear, theater costumes, wedding dresses, sportswear, children’s clothing, or clothing for only ladies or gentlemen. Or just lingerie. Just think of Marlies Dekkers. In addition to creativity, the profession of the fashion designer also requires perseverance. Competition is fierce. Many fashion designers dream of a major breakthrough, but the harsh reality is that this is only for a few. This does not mean that you cannot earn a nice living as an unknown fashion designer. If you have a permanent job at a fashion house or brand, or if you work for yourself and build a nice clientele, you will just as well make it. Take the beautiful decoration of André Rieu’s orchestra. Fashion designers were also involved in this.

What do you have to be able to do?
To become a fashion designer you have to be creative, understand materials, and know what people need in terms of clothing. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to present something that no one else has come up with yet. This is your strength! You have to dare to be innovative and not be afraid to show your designs. You can’t use shyness.

Where do you work?
A fashion designer works for himself or is employed by a fashion house or a (large) clothing company. If you breakthrough and become a famous or even famous fashion designer, then you have your own company with staff.