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Prevent pests to your fashion clothes

Have you ever had a worm-eaten hole when you took out your clothes for the first time in a long time in the season of changing clothes? It would be a shock if there was a hole in the clothes you cherished. When storing clothing, pest control must be taken.

Points to prevent worm-eating clothes

What is the cause of worm-eating clothes?
The so-called “worm-eating” that punctures clothing, as the name implies, occurs when pests eat clothing. There are two types of pests that eat clothing: the beetle “Skin beetle” and the moth “Iga”.

These two types of pests grow on clothing when they are larvae. Skin beetles and iga are characterized by their frequent occurrence in April to May, which is the season for changing clothes. The reason is that materials such as wool and cashmere, which are often used in winter clothes, are animal fibers that are a favorite of pests. You’ll need to be especially careful in early spring when you keep your winter clothes in your closet. However, some summer clothes are made from materials such as wool. When storing your clothes, check the materials that are being used again.

Store your clothes well to prevent worm-eaten!
It is also possible to prevent worm-eaten by storing clothes.

There are cases where even the clothes stored in the lower part, which the pests should not have eaten, can be eaten. Try to store your clothes upright instead of stacking them. If you store them vertically, not only will you reduce the damage caused by worm-eating clothes, but you will also be able to quickly find the clothes you want to take out.

Be sure to put the insect repellent on top of your clothing.
Pyrethroids and naphthalene, which are used as insect repellents, are heavier than air. If you put it under clothing, the effect will not be felt as a whole. In addition, be sure to use the number of packs listed for insect repellent. If you do not use it in the correct usage and number, the effect will be weakened. In addition, pyrethroid-based insect repellents and camphor-based insect repellents cannot be mixed.

Irons and compression bags are also effective!
If you have pests or pest eggs left on your clothing, you can fix it by ironing the whole thing.

The heat of the iron will kill all pests and eggs, so be sure to iron when storing your clothes. You can iron clothes that cannot be washed, so use them to prevent worm-eating clothes.

The method of using a compression bag is also effective. Pests cannot invade if you put your clothes in a compression bag, bleed air, and seal it tightly. When using a compressed bag, be careful not to put it back over time.

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Let’s take proper measures to prevent worm-eaten!
Since the temperature in some countries is low and the humidity is basically dry throughout the year, it can be said that the risk of pests eating clothes is low. However, it cannot be said that worm-eaten will never occur, so be sure to take measures when storing your clothes. First of all, please do not leave food residue or sweat stains on your clothes.

Next, store your clothes vertically. At that time, the insect repellent should be placed on clothing for maximum effect. In addition, you can expect an insect repellent effect by using an iron or a compression bag. By practicing these, you will be able to protect your precious clothing from pests.

clothes should be kept clean to prevent pests from sticking. You can also consult a pest control service that uses natural pesticides such as ‘spider mites on weed’ which can help prevent the spread of pests.