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Enough Sleep Is Not Enough. How To Look Presentable On Your Job Interview?

A job interview is very important because you have to make that first good impression. So you will have to be prepared. That’s why you will need to have a good night’s rest before the actual interview. Some people will have no problem with sleep and rest because they have good beds recommended by ambassador bed. But aside from having enough rest and sleep, of course, you will have to look presentable. So the question is raised. What should you wear for that important job interview? In this post, we are not going to talk about bed rest but about what you should wear on a job interview. 

What shall I wear? This question will definitely be raised when you are scheduled for a job interview. Your clothes can also influence the impression you make. It is therefore useful not to immediately pull the first one out of the closet. At the same time, your outfit offers you the chance to show a piece of your personality. How do you decide what to wear to your job interview?

Check the company culture

Try to find out in advance what the company culture is and whether there is a dress code. If you apply for a job at a bank or other financial services institution, you will usually wear more formal clothing than when you go for an interview at a creative agency. If you are not very good at judging what kind of clothing is appropriate, go for something too neat rather than too casual. This shows that you take your application seriously and really want to go for it. The most important thing is that you look well cared for.

Choose something that suits you, but keep in mind the dress code

Whatever a company’s dress code is; choose something that you feel comfortable in and that suits you. Even if that style is just a bit neater than what you’re used to. You can usually find something you feel comfortable with. Is the style of the company too far removed from you and you feel like you have to squeeze into clothes that aren’t your thing at all? Then you can ask yourself whether you and the company are such a good match.

Confess your color

You can send out a signal not only with the style but also with the color of your clothing. With white, you show that you are organized, and with red, you radiate strength. Dark blue, gray, black, and brown are the safest and most business-friendly choices. Black can be a bit hard and distant, so combine it well. Orange is not such a wise choice; a beautiful shade of yellow can radiate humor and creativity.

Applying with piercings and tattoos

While tattoos and piercings are becoming more and more accepted, there will still be some employers who have reservations about this. You are therefore most safe if you cover them as much as possible during your job interview. This again depends a bit on the type of company or organization. If you think it’s important that you can show your tattoos, look for places where you think this is not a problem.


Hats, caps, jewelry, belts. They can contribute to your personal style and complete your outfit. And while it’s good to show some of your styles, it’s wise to be careful about using too flashy accessories. You can also scare employers with it. Headwear – in whatever form – is not really advisable during a job interview anyway.

Shoes for your application

The same applies to shoes: choose a pair that suits you and that you feel good in. In any case, make sure they match the rest of your outfit. If you go in a suit or suit, make sure your shoes are polished. As a (small) woman, heels can do a lot for you; you just radiate a little more authority with it. But don’t go for high poles if you never walk in heels. Swapping through the corridors of your new office is not really convenient.

Make-up and perfume; don’t overdo it

Makeup can boost your appearance, but don’t overdo it. Most people are not attracted to thick layers of foundation, glitter, or bright colors on your nails, or overkill of eyeliner. Keep it basic and subtle. Something similar applies to perfume; a nice fragrance is fine, but an excessive amount can be a deterrent.